My Favorite Sportsman – Short Essay

My Favorite Sportsman

I am a sportsman myself, I may not have played internationally, but I have played nationals in one sport, i.e., cricket and states in two sports which is athletics and badminton. I have a lot of love for sportsman around the world, and I keep on learning new things from them every time. But my favorite sportsman among all in the world is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. I have a lot of reasons for loving him and here are a few:

  • He captained Indian team for around ten years and these ten years are counted as golden years for Indian cricket team because, in these ten years, India won one ICC T20 World Cup, One Champions trophy title, one ODI world cup and became no. 1 in test team rankings.
  • My love for M.S. Dhoni can be seen from the fact that the movie biopic which was built on him, I have seen it more than 20 times in the theatre and never got bored of it. And still, if any TV channel plays M.S. Dhoni, I just sit back on my couch and enjoy the movie.
  • A lot of people in this world has wanted to meet the captain cool one day in their lives, and I am lucky enough that I have seen him playing in a match live in the stadium and moreover, I have his autograph as well.
  • I play cricket as well, and like my favorite sportsperson M.S. Dhoni, I also liked to finish the game by coming down the order, and I always promoted myself up the order whenever I felt like I am in the mood and I have a good form.
  • My favorite sportsperson has struggled so much to reach to a point where he is now. He was a Ticket collector in railways and even after having a great job, he decided to follow his dreams. I too followed my dreams, but luckily I didn’t drop my job as I was never as good as M.S. Dhoni and thus I would have never become a cricketer and would have lost my job as well.

I love the struggle that he has done while becoming one of the best cricketers in the world and I also love his determination and passion for winning the game.

By Vishakha