Short Paragraph on Holiday Homework

Every year we have a long holiday twice a year in our school, summer vacation and winter vacation. This is a time when every kid plans a holiday with their parents to visit their grandparents or a new city or country. Even though there are many good things about the holidays, it always comes with holiday homework which comes as a nightmare for many students because they just don’t want to study during the vacation.

After a survey, it was proven that it is very essential for the students to practice the things that are taught in class because otherwise, they will forget it. Holiday homework is designed in a way that student gets a chance to explore their imagination and also revise the things they have been taught in class.

The holidays can be a long break for the students from their daily schedule. Homework gives them the motive to do a little study each day so that the time they return to school, they are not completely blank. Holiday homework are good until the time they are designed not to burden the students.

By Revaa