A Hot Summer Day – Short Essay

If there is something that I dread, it is a hot summer day. That is why I don’t like that season even for a bit. There is this particular one that is hard to forget. It was extreme to the extent that even a cold shower only helped for a second or two.

On that particular day, everything looked normal. At least for a hot summer day. The sun was bright as usual and calm too. However, it wouldn’t fool anyone since it was only a matter of hours and it could become unbearable. After about one or two hours, we had started facing the wrath of a hot summer day. The past days had been better than today. The reason is that at least the fan was helping. On that day, there was a power outage. For that reason, the house was no longer an oasis.

A scorching and burning day! I would say that it was raining but instead of rain that must have been fire. Each ray penetrated deep into the bones. At one point, I thought that they would melt. My parents were not at home. They had gone to visit my grandparents. I was in my early teens, and I felt that I was too old for that. However, considering the conditions at that time, I wished that I had accompanied them. I was stranded. Neither the house nor outside felt good. What about the gardens?

I headed towards the garden hurriedly. If somebody had seen me, he or she would have thought that I had made a great discovery. As I moved towards the direction of the garden, I didn’t know that I was in for a rude shock. There was no cold breeze. In fact, the wind was not only silent but also motionless. Consequently, the trees were stationary. Without swaying their leaves and branches, how would the garden feel any better?

The temperature was becoming hotter and hotter. Each second that passed meant more torture. The overhead sun wasn’t sparing its burning rays. I couldn’t find a place to buy water or ice either. For that reason, I decided to get back home. When I entered the house, the electricity was back. I turned the fan on. I also took a shower. With the two and a glass of iced water, it felt a little closer to paradise.

After a few hours, it was already evening. The temperature went down to favorable levels. It was also possible to visit the market. I went to buy groceries while I waited for the rest of my family members to get home. That hot summer day was the worst. What I still wonder is whether the loneliness made it worse than it could have been. After all, mystery loves company. My younger sister battling the heat as well would have been a great consolation no doubt.

By Winnie