A Scene at a Railway Station – Short Essay

Just like any average man, saving a few bucks is something that I appreciate. It is that same thing that led to my latest discovery. Thanks to it, a scene at a railway station is something I am quite familiar with now. Since the holidays were over, I had to go back to school. Therefore, I had to leave for home. However, my friend insisted that I take a train. She emphasized that it is comfortable besides being cheap. The money I had in my pocket was not that much, and I also wanted to buy souvenirs. My friend and I bought them and then headed to the railway station.

What I saw first after entering a scene at a railway station was a fleet of vehicles. They included rickshaws, Tongas, scooters as well as taxis. Despite the large number, there was a traffic jam. That was starting to intrigue me when I spotted several traffic police officers. They were doing a commendable job of controlling vehicles coming in and going out.

The next scene was the waiting hall. The area was full to the brim with people from all walks of life. Then, there were long queues at the booking windows. I saw one that had a relatively short line. As I was heading towards it, my friend grabbed my hand from behind. That’s when she told me that we had to stick with the current one since it was for the second class booking.

I also noticed a constable. His responsibility was to ensure that people form lines and there is no pushing at the same time. In addition to that, he stays alert in case of a pickpocketing case. Thanks to that, it was already our turn to buy tickets within a short period. We headed for the platforms after that.

The noise was too much. Some sat on the benches while others stood beside the stalls making some purchases. Everything came to a standstill after a bell rang. With the staff standing in a line, passengers started running towards the train. Everyone must have been struggling to get into the compartments’ doors. Those coming in and out definitely have a conflict of interests as far as the doors are concerned. Being young, tiny and energetic, I was inside the plane. I started waving at my friend through the window.

Then, the guard blew the whistle. N soon had he done that than the carriages’ doors closed. Since it was during the day, the guard used a flag to signal the train. It started moving. Surprisingly, a scene at a railway station was no longer noisy. It had turned to a quiet and deserted place where you could find utmost tranquility. I really have a lot to tell my classmates once the school resumes.

By Winnie