Short Essay An Ideal Person

When I think about who is an ideal person, some attributes cross my mind. For all of them, I have learned from my role models including teachers. My parents also keep emphasizing on the importance of being an ideal person. As for my grandmother, she keeps reminding me of this particular thing. She tells me that one has to be an ideal person to live in harmony with others. Since no man is an island, it is apparent that one cannot afford to be short of that. Using this piece, I will take you through some of the attributes that would make you that person that everyone is advocating for. The ideals may differ from one person to another, but they are worth learning.

According to mother, a smile, every day can make you an ideal person. It makes you not only composed but also confident. As a result, you will be easily approachable and comfortable to approach someone. In addition to that, one should be grateful. If things are tough, positivity can be enough to keep us going. One source of that is being contented with what you have.

My teachers insist on hard work. It is always rewarding. Equally important, one should have also had a goal. Once a person has it, he or she should aim at achieving it. Regardless of the barriers, no one should give up. Patience and perseverance can help a person to overcome them and emerge as a winner eventually.

Grandma cannot stop talking about respect for elders. That will earn you blessings and save you from curses and misfortune if you disrespect the elderly. Honesty is yet another attribute. It makes you not only accountable but also reliable. It also avoids lies and betrayal that can make someone evil.

There is another one that is more than obvious. It is about being kind which is one of the characteristics of an ideal man. For example, if you help someone at the hour of need, it is apparent that you will be the best person the needy will have ever met.

Selflessness despite being rare is also a characteristic of an ideal person. It also avoids many vices and promotes the likes of truth and kindness among others. Punctuality is also vital. It avoids disappointment and other inconveniences that come because of lateness.

I can’t thank the parties enough. They are the reason why I associate with friends and classmates well. As much as no one is perfect, striving to be an ideal person is good enough. Fortunately, there are tips on how to become that precisely.

By Winnie