Short Essay on A Visit to a Historical Place – Red Fort

When dad got home from work that day, he came bearing good news. Our family had a chance to make a visit to a historical place – Red Fort, eventually. It wasn’t our usual vacation style. In the past, if it weren’t a park, we would go to the beach. However, this time would be different. For me, the desire to set my foot in that place was undeniable. I had watched the Prime Minister not only address the India nation but also hoist the flag year after year from this site. Why was it that special? Only a visit could make me understand.

This monument that lies on the bank of river Yamuna is among the most critical of India’s monuments. Some call it Lal Quila while others refer to it as Red Fort. Regardless of the term, its significance is undebatable.

Upon setting my sight on its impressive Lahori Gate and the wall surrounding the site, I was already curious about what lies behind it. Once I saw the red sandstone structure, I knew that I had made the right choice. The breathtaking scene caught my full attention.

I was lost until someone patted me. It was a guide who must have read the curiosity written all over my face. He started explaining how such a magnificent construction came into existence. It came into existence in 1648 under the leadership of Shahjahan. The Mughal King is also the man behind the famous Taj Mahal. With the shifting of the capital from Agra to Delhi, Red Fort became the new capital.

With the help of the guide, it was hard to miss any single prominent site. The first destination was the Chatta Chowk. Then we went through the huge crowd that was buying. I came across the Naqqar Khana. It was a music stage which explains its moniker, drum house. As of now, it is a war museum.

There is the Diwan-i-Am as well. The exemplary craftsmanship was apparent thanks to the spectacular columns and arches. From this spot, one can also see the ornate throne-balcony. On the other hand, there is the Lal Purdah gateway.

Other incredible sites were the royal bath, the mosque, Nahr-i-Behisht water channels that cover the mosque’s pavilions and the Shar Burj tower. The beauty of the Palace garden is indisputable. The Rang Mahal palace wouldn’t go unnoticed either. At the end of this bazaar street was the Delhi Gate. It looks fantastic as well.

By mid-day, we had concluded the visit. The experience of each of my family member may have been different. Nevertheless, we all agreed that Red Fort was a place worthy of our time. It is a visit to a historical place – red fort that will always remain in my mind for sure.

By Winnie