Short Essay on Role of Media in Value Building

Media has a very important role to play in our society. It not only influences the elders, but can also show a major impact on the younger generation as well.

The word media has been derived from the word medium. Media was started with a motto to make the news reach a wider audience at the same time. Though media was earlier used for print media only, it is now used for radio, televisions and internet too.

Understanding the role of media in value building

  1. Media in the modern era is playing an outstanding role in shaping up a public opinion. It brings out the truth and helps us choose the truth.
  2. Media protects the interests of the public and helps create awareness when required.
  3. Media too is a strong supporter of democracy. Newspaper was also used during the freedom fight against the British. Back then the young India paper of Mahatma Gandhi and Maratha acted as perfect platforms to showcase the demands of Indians.
  4. Media has taken a greater responsibility to provide justice to those in need and rescue them from evil and corrupted politicians and goons.
  5. Media plays a very embracing role as the fourth pillar of justice and fights against corruption, injustice and oppression.
  6. Media has been in existence from ancient times in various kinds and had always played an important role in shaping up the society.
  7. India today is known to have more than 50,000 newspapers and a number of TV and radio channels.

Media helps the society by not only fighting against corruption or nepotism, but also carries out a campaign against those who are into it. Media is playing its role in making our society a better place to live in. It is time we do the same as well.

By Maanasi