Uses of Social Media – Short Essay

We are in an era where being on social media is imperative. Social media is typically a website or an application that helps people to stay connected, share experience, content, and much more. They allow people to network.

Social media has shown a lot of impactful to our generation. A lot of people are using it for so many reasons.

Top uses of social media


Communication and sharing is the first reason for social media. Human beings are social animals, and social media provides an excellent platform for interactions and discussions without any barriers.

Creation of virtual communities

Numerous virtual communities come up every day made up of people who share the same ideas, interests, opinions, and so on. These communities help to increase the level of interaction in societies and nations. When used positively, they have helped people make advancements because of the support.

Marketing and advertisement

Businesses are evolving and are giving more attention to social media marketing and publicity. The quickest place you can get the masses and reach out to them is via social media. Companies are using their social media accounts to get to the people and market their products.


Social media platforms are also platforms for entertainment. People are using their social media accounts to upload videos of themselves or other people. Other than that, we also have applications that allow people to go live and do different things. The most firmly established entertainment social media website is YouTube.

Getting the latest news

Whenever something happens in the world, the quickest way to find out about it is through social media. Should a matter rise, it will be all over social media in minutes and stories have a way of trending on social media! You will hear what must not pass your ears.


Social media helps you to meet and establish friendships with new people. This helps you to network and have contacts all over the world. Professionals in different fields take advantage of social media to develop a connection with other professions and get ahead in life.

These are part of the many uses of social media. Social media has the potential of making us productive, keeping us entertained, and more.

By Lorah