Uses of the Internet by Students – Short Essay

The internet has become one of the most significant parts of our lives. The world is hooked on it and has grown over dependent on it. Everyone, including students, turn to it for solutions, answers, and everything in between. Over the years it has proved to be reliable and keeps proving itself.

Students use the internet for a lot of things.

Top uses of the internet by students


Doing research is the primary use of the internet by students. There are so many academic resources that are accessible online that are beneficial to students. Through the internet, they can get formulas, scientific explanations for things, examples of how to answer different questions, and information concerning all matters. The internet has become the central place for all the information.

Attend class

The internet provides a platform for students to attend classes and even take their exams. It enables different universities to have online courses. Students can enroll for courses from across the globe, and an excellent internet connection will be essential for everything to work out excellently.

Establish virtual communities

Through the internet connection, students can create virtual communities made up of people who share the same ideas and are unified by many other common factors. For instance, students that are in love with science or math can form a virtual community. That virtual community helps them feel like they are a part of something greater and that they are relevant. It gives them a sense of belonging in as much as they may come from different places across the world.

For communication

Going past the virtual communities, students also need to communicate with their loved ones and other students. The internet allows that to happen and makes the interaction smooth and convenient.

Job or academic applications and submissions

In this era, people do a lot of things via the internet. Through the internet, students can make requests to enroll in universities. One no longer needs to struggle with sending hard copy applications that may take time. The internet makes things quicker. The same is true for job applications when they are through with school.

These are some of the top uses for the internet associated with students across the globe.

By Lorah