How I celebrated my birthday? – Short Paragraph

Birthdays are the most awaited days and talking about mine, I start the countdown a few months earlier. Every year I celebrate my birthday with my family and this year was no exception. I woke up early morning with all my family member gathered around to wish me. During the breakfast I ate my favourite pancakes and talked about my first birthday when I had put my face on the cake.

Later that afternoon my parents organized a Pooja, which is a ritual followed in everyone’s birthdays. All my cousins and relatives were there so after the Pooja, we all had the lunch together, after which I slept for a few hours.

In the evening when I woke up my mother asked me to change into my birthday dress and come downstairs. As I went down I saw a lot of colourful balloons, lights, streamers and a big cake in the centre of the room. Everyone sang me a birthday song while I cut the cake after which we all danced for many hours and played a lot of games. It was almost night when my parents asked everyone to have dinner after which they left handing me my gifts.

When everyone had left, I opened all my presents with my parents and elder brother after which we went for a long walk to have ice-cream. It was one of my best birthdays and I am grateful to my parents without whom it would have never happened.

By Revaa