Short Essay on Role of Media in Value Building

Media has a very important role to play in our society. It not only influences the elders, but can also show a major impact on the younger generation as well.

The word media has been derived from the word medium. Media was started with a motto to make the news reach a wider audience at the same time. Though media was earlier used for print media only, it is now used for radio, televisions and internet too.

Understanding the role of media in value building

  1. Media in the modern era is playing an outstanding role in shaping up a public opinion. It brings out the truth and helps us choose the truth.
  2. Media protects the interests of the public and helps create awareness when required.
  3. Media too is a strong supporter of democracy. Newspaper was also used during the freedom fight against the British. Back then the young India paper of Mahatma Gandhi and Maratha acted as perfect platforms to showcase the demands of Indians.
  4. Media has taken a greater responsibility to provide justice to those in need and rescue them from evil and corrupted politicians and goons.
  5. Media plays a very embracing role as the fourth pillar of justice and fights against corruption, injustice and oppression.
  6. Media has been in existence from ancient times in various kinds and had always played an important role in shaping up the society.
  7. India today is known to have more than 50,000 newspapers and a number of TV and radio channels.

Media helps the society by not only fighting against corruption or nepotism, but also carries out a campaign against those who are into it. Media is playing its role in making our society a better place to live in. It is time we do the same as well.

By Maanasi

Uses of Social Media – Short Essay

We are in an era where being on social media is imperative. Social media is typically a website or an application that helps people to stay connected, share experience, content, and much more. They allow people to network.

Social media has shown a lot of impactful to our generation. A lot of people are using it for so many reasons.

Top uses of social media


Communication and sharing is the first reason for social media. Human beings are social animals, and social media provides an excellent platform for interactions and discussions without any barriers.

Creation of virtual communities

Numerous virtual communities come up every day made up of people who share the same ideas, interests, opinions, and so on. These communities help to increase the level of interaction in societies and nations. When used positively, they have helped people make advancements because of the support.

Marketing and advertisement

Businesses are evolving and are giving more attention to social media marketing and publicity. The quickest place you can get the masses and reach out to them is via social media. Companies are using their social media accounts to get to the people and market their products.


Social media platforms are also platforms for entertainment. People are using their social media accounts to upload videos of themselves or other people. Other than that, we also have applications that allow people to go live and do different things. The most firmly established entertainment social media website is YouTube.

Getting the latest news

Whenever something happens in the world, the quickest way to find out about it is through social media. Should a matter rise, it will be all over social media in minutes and stories have a way of trending on social media! You will hear what must not pass your ears.


Social media helps you to meet and establish friendships with new people. This helps you to network and have contacts all over the world. Professionals in different fields take advantage of social media to develop a connection with other professions and get ahead in life.

These are part of the many uses of social media. Social media has the potential of making us productive, keeping us entertained, and more.

By Lorah

Uses of the Internet by Students – Short Essay

The internet has become one of the most significant parts of our lives. The world is hooked on it and has grown over dependent on it. Everyone, including students, turn to it for solutions, answers, and everything in between. Over the years it has proved to be reliable and keeps proving itself.

Students use the internet for a lot of things.

Top uses of the internet by students


Doing research is the primary use of the internet by students. There are so many academic resources that are accessible online that are beneficial to students. Through the internet, they can get formulas, scientific explanations for things, examples of how to answer different questions, and information concerning all matters. The internet has become the central place for all the information.

Attend class

The internet provides a platform for students to attend classes and even take their exams. It enables different universities to have online courses. Students can enroll for courses from across the globe, and an excellent internet connection will be essential for everything to work out excellently.

Establish virtual communities

Through the internet connection, students can create virtual communities made up of people who share the same ideas and are unified by many other common factors. For instance, students that are in love with science or math can form a virtual community. That virtual community helps them feel like they are a part of something greater and that they are relevant. It gives them a sense of belonging in as much as they may come from different places across the world.

For communication

Going past the virtual communities, students also need to communicate with their loved ones and other students. The internet allows that to happen and makes the interaction smooth and convenient.

Job or academic applications and submissions

In this era, people do a lot of things via the internet. Through the internet, students can make requests to enroll in universities. One no longer needs to struggle with sending hard copy applications that may take time. The internet makes things quicker. The same is true for job applications when they are through with school.

These are some of the top uses for the internet associated with students across the globe.

By Lorah

Essay on Competition – Meaning, Benefits, Factors causing competitive disadvantages

Competition is best described as the act of striving to gain superiority over someone or something else.

In life, competition is inevitable. On a daily basis, we experience or actively take part in some form of competition whether in school, at the workplace or even among our peers. How we handle competition is what makes the difference. Majority of people approach competition with a winning mentality. This is what is commonly termed as unhealthy competition. Healthy competition is where the competitors focus on the learning experience of the whole competition process rather than on the need to win. Competition is advantageous if tackled in the right way.

Benefits of Competition

Some positive outcomes of competition include:

  • You learn how to work under pressure. In any competition, you are the main person responsible for your performance. Competition enables you to have a grip on your emotions under pressure.
  • Test of skills. By competing you can put your skills to the test and learn your weaknesses.
  • Competition rush. The experience of competing is satisfying in itself regardless of the outcome.
  • Self-confidence. Competing calls one to put themselves out there. This builds self-confidence.
  • Eliminates the fear of competing. Once you experience your first competition, the nerves reduce with the subsequent ones.
  • The feeling of winning in a competition is rewarding once you have attained your ultimate goal.
  • You become goal-oriented. Competing gives you something to work towards.

Factors causing a competitive disadvantage

When competing, some circumstances might cause you to lag behind in the competition. This is what is referred to as a competitive disadvantage. The factors mainly affect businesses. They include:

  • Lack of advanced technology compared to your competitors will put you at the losing end.
  • In the case of firms, a small firm will be disadvantaged compared to a large firm because of lack of resources.
  • For businesses competing, one which is strategically positioned will perform better than one which is not.
  • In a situation where one retailer is selling only trousers, and another is selling more types of items, the former will be disadvantaged as customers go for variety.
  • Known brands generally do better than unknown brands. This is because customers will go for what they are more familiar with.
  • A business with a reputation for low quality will be disadvantaged compared to its competitors with a reputation for high quality.
  • Customer loyalty. For businesses, this is very important when it comes to competition. A company that can maintain customer loyalty will always perform better.


Before embarking on a competition journey, it is essential to come up with a strategy. Most people fail because they take on competition without a plan. Having an approach will enable you to keep track of your steps and easily notice areas which need to be adjusted. Competition is healthy, and it is vital in every aspect of life. The wins are rewarding and the losses if taken positively give us a chance to learn and identify our weaknesses.

By Winnie

Short Essay on Teachers Day

Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of September. This day is celebrated in the honor of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, and he is born on the same day in the year 1888. He served as the very first vice president and is the second president of India. He is not only known as a great scholar and a philosopher, but is also a recipient of the prestigious Bharat Ratna.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan became the second President of India in 1962 and the country commemorated his birth anniversary and tribute this great teacher and leader is given on the same day. Teacher’s day is a very special day and every educational institute celebrates this day to pay tribute and show their respects to Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. This day reminds us about the role of a teacher in everyone’s life.

Teacher’s day is also celebrated in many other countries as an admiration for their contribution to the society. The World Teacher’s day is celebrated on the 7th of September worldwide. Also, the day is celebrated by different countries on different dates.

In India teachers day is celebrated when a group of students asked the then president for permission to celebrate his birthday, will falls on 5th September. Dr. Radhakrishnan said, “Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if 5 September would be observed as Teachers’ Day.”

Dr. Radhakrishnan always believed that the contribution of teachers to this society is immense.

Germany celebrates Teachers Day on 5th October. Sri Lanka celebrates it on the 6th October and China on the 10th of September. Brazil celebrates it on the 15th October and Malaysia on 16th May.

By Maanasi

My Favorite Sportsman – Short Essay

My Favorite Sportsman

I am a sportsman myself, I may not have played internationally, but I have played nationals in one sport, i.e., cricket and states in two sports which is athletics and badminton. I have a lot of love for sportsman around the world, and I keep on learning new things from them every time. But my favorite sportsman among all in the world is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. I have a lot of reasons for loving him and here are a few:

  • He captained Indian team for around ten years and these ten years are counted as golden years for Indian cricket team because, in these ten years, India won one ICC T20 World Cup, One Champions trophy title, one ODI world cup and became no. 1 in test team rankings.
  • My love for M.S. Dhoni can be seen from the fact that the movie biopic which was built on him, I have seen it more than 20 times in the theatre and never got bored of it. And still, if any TV channel plays M.S. Dhoni, I just sit back on my couch and enjoy the movie.
  • A lot of people in this world has wanted to meet the captain cool one day in their lives, and I am lucky enough that I have seen him playing in a match live in the stadium and moreover, I have his autograph as well.
  • I play cricket as well, and like my favorite sportsperson M.S. Dhoni, I also liked to finish the game by coming down the order, and I always promoted myself up the order whenever I felt like I am in the mood and I have a good form.
  • My favorite sportsperson has struggled so much to reach to a point where he is now. He was a Ticket collector in railways and even after having a great job, he decided to follow his dreams. I too followed my dreams, but luckily I didn’t drop my job as I was never as good as M.S. Dhoni and thus I would have never become a cricketer and would have lost my job as well.

I love the struggle that he has done while becoming one of the best cricketers in the world and I also love his determination and passion for winning the game.

By Vishakha

Essay on Food Wastage – Meaning, Causes, and Solutions


Food wastage refers to the decrease in the amount of food which is intended for human consumption in the subsequent stages of the food supply chain. Food wastage is inevitable throughout the food supply chain, right from the initial production stage to the final household consumption stage. Whether the decrease is accidental or intentional, the ultimate result is that there is less amount of food available for human consumption. Since hunger has become a major global issue, the need to reduce food wastage has gained increasing interest worldwide. Governments and research institutions together with producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers have come up with different ideas to counter the problem. However, it is necessary first to understand the causes of this problem.

Causes of food wastage

Causes of food wastage differ from location to location. However, there are ways in which we all contribute to food wastage including:

  • Prepare food badly. We usually throw away food that has not been prepared well and that fails to have a scrumptious
  • Expired food. This normally happens with processed foods that have exceeded the expiry date. We throw them away due to fear of consumption.
  • Refrigerated food. We stock too much food in the fridge and end up throwing it away due to a bad smell or poor taste.
  • Most times we prepare more food than we can consume thus throwing away leftovers.
  • Parties and social gatherings. Too much food is prepared for such events, and in almost all cases it never ends up being wholly consumed hence becoming a waste.
  • Partially used food. This refers to the leftovers which are stored but never end up being used again thus going to waste.
  • Change of plans. When we change meal plans abruptly, the previously prepared food is wasted.


Some of how food wastage can be reduced globally include:

  • Improved storage methods. Farmers could adopt simple, low-cost storage methods which will prevent food spoilage, therefore, reducing wastage.
  • Better food date labels. Confusion of labels like “use-by,” “sell by,” and “best-before” cause people to throw away food when it is still fit for consumption. Retailers should make such labels clear.
  • Redistribution of food. Too much food that cannot be consumed all at once should be redistributed to food banks to avoid wastage.
  • Reduced portion sizes. Large servings of food lead to wastage as people are unable to finish their meals.
  • Consumer awareness campaigns. Such campaigns educate on the simple ways in which we waste food and how that can be prevented.
  • Setting food waste reduction targets. By raising awareness and setting targets for food waste reduction, people are more likely to take action towards the cause.
  • Surplus food should be donated to hunger-stricken areas to reduce food wastage and feed the hungry.


Hunger is a sad situation affecting large numbers of people. Food wastage should be eliminated so as to preserve the food for consumption in later times and to help feed the hungry. With the above article, one can do that easily.

By Winnie

If I Were A Doctor – Short Essay

Doctors are like Saints because a lot of time our health and our liveliness depends upon them only, if they are unable to perform their duties in the best manner, then we wouldn’t be living a healthy lifestyle too as we would be suffering some kind of disease or the other if the disease isn’t cured in the first instance itself. Being a doctor is a noble profession. If I were a doctor, these are a few points that I would have followed:

  • I would have been doing my best that I can to save a life, and if someone is in some kind of danger that he can’t be saved, I would have told his relatives that he wouldn’t be living more, so no benefit of consulting doctors.
  • I would have been performing my duties in the morning, and in the evening I would perform my duties for people who are not having enough money to consult doctors.
  • I would have tried to tie up with an organization who takes care of old aged, handicapped and orphans but who can’t take care of the health of those people. I will try to provide them with medicines which are necessary to be required for emergency and try to provide them good food as well by making some donation, but as a doctor I wouldn’t let them die of a disease when they have met me when the disease can be cured but is not getting cured due to lack of money.
  • I would have helped my relatives and my family people for having a better and a healthy lifestyle by providing them knowledge about better nutritional meals.
  • I would have taken a pledge that I wouldn’t take advantage of anyone’s problems, and thus I wouldn’t ask for my fees or any kind of money or in simple words, I would treat a patient if I know he is going to die in some time.

These would include a few responsibilities that I would take when I become a doctor after all the hard work of becoming a doctor is done by me.

By Vishakha

If I Were A Millionaire – Short Essay

There are lots of millionaires around the world many of them are very kind like Ratan Tata, but a lot of them are of very cruel nature. If I were a millionaire, I would have made sure that nobody in our nation is suffering from poverty as if I am having and earning money which is of my no use, I should give to the person who is willing to earn more money and suffering as a poor person. Here is what I would have done if I were a millionaire:

  • I would have built a factory or an organization which would have been helpful to recruit people who are not much educated, and due to being illiterate, they are forced to beg for money. All these people would have been paid according to the type of work he will be doing.
  • I would have built a technical and communication skills center for such people, and I would have tried to enhance their technical skills as well as communication skills by which they would have been getting good jobs in other companies or factories as well.
  • I would have donated a lot of money to the people of old aged homes or people living in orphanages as I can see that the condition of these places is not up to the mark and people living here are not getting good quality food and resources.
  • If possible, I would have opened a foundation where all the handicapped, poor, orphans and old aged people would have been kept, and good quality food and clothes would have been my responsibility.
  • Being a millionaire is not easy, but if were a millionaire, I would have donated a lot of money for our soldiers and their families as well that are giving their lives for our security.

These were a few things that I would have done that I were a billionaire and would have tried to experience a better nation.

By Vishakha

How animals should be treated? – Short Paragraph

Animals and Humans have excited together since many centuries, but with time our predator’s instincts have grown so much that we are afraid of each other. Is it okay to beat or kill an animal just because you were feeling scared or want to enjoy hunting? Everyone enjoys visiting a zoo to see the animals, but how often did we make efforts to help an animal. Human species have brain and resources to survive and help other creatures, but many of us would rather be self-indulge rather than helping others, especially animals.

With time animals have proven their loyalty again and again. From being a supporter to a blind man till rescuing people during the emergencies. In return, we humans would appreciate wearing a fur coat made from their skin rather than protecting them. The extinct of many species have forced people to concern for the animals which are there. Even the government has enforced so many laws to protect the animals. There are many domestic animals can you can adopt today, whereas the other animals can spend a good life in the wildlife sanctuaries without the interference of the people.

By Revaa