Short Paragraph on Holiday Homework

Every year we have a long holiday twice a year in our school, summer vacation and winter vacation. This is a time when every kid plans a holiday with their parents to visit their grandparents or a new city or country. Even though there are many good things about the holidays, it always comes with holiday homework which comes as a nightmare for many students because they just don’t want to study during the vacation.

After a survey, it was proven that it is very essential for the students to practice the things that are taught in class because otherwise, they will forget it. Holiday homework is designed in a way that student gets a chance to explore their imagination and also revise the things they have been taught in class.

The holidays can be a long break for the students from their daily schedule. Homework gives them the motive to do a little study each day so that the time they return to school, they are not completely blank. Holiday homework are good until the time they are designed not to burden the students.

By Revaa

Paragraph on Good Habits

Good habits are like the daily schedule, the longer you practice it the better you get at that in your daily life. There is nothing like a good or bad habit, but there are surely many habits which are better than the others. Like going to bed early and then waking up early is surely a good habit. Whereas going to bed late and waking up a bit later is not a bad habit. It is up to people that which type of lifestyle they want to adopt. There are a few habits which everyone should follow in his or her daily life, i.e.; brushing your teeth twice a day, taking a bath daily and making your bed after you wake up.

From our childhood, we are told what we could do to make our life better and the time we followed them, were surely the good old days. With the passing of time, we tend to skip many habits by our lack of interest or merely our laziness. The regular practice can make it a part of our life.

Here is the list of good habits which one can follow:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Take a bath every day.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Sleep early and wake up early.
  • Clean your room and surroundings.
  • Help others whenever possible.
  • Don’t waste money.
  • Exercise daily and go for morning walks.

By Revaa

Short Essay on Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a popular festival that is celebrated by Hindus from all over the world. The festival is the celebration of the bond shared by a brother and sister. The word “Raksha” means protection and “Bandhan” means binding. The festival is also called as “Rakhi” in north India.

During the festival, women tie a Raksha on their brother’s wrist, which would protect him from bad influences and to strength the bond between the siblings.

Read on to know more about how Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in most Indian families.

  1. The most important thing in this festival is the “Rakhi” or the thread the girl ties on her brother’s wrist. Girls used to make one in earlier days, Rakhis can easily be purchased at a local store or online as well.
  2. She then visits her brother’s house and performs a pooja by applying kumkum with rice grains on his forehead.
  3. They exchange sweets and brothers often give a gift to their sister and also vow to protect them.
  4. Raksha Bandhan also has another importance which is related to “Baleva”. People from many states conduct special pooja to Lord Narayan on this day.
  5. In some states, Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated by the priests where they tie the Rakhis on the wrists of their patrons and receive offerings from them in return.
  6. In some rural areas of the country, people draw figures on the wall of their houses and worship the figures. They also offer kheer and vermilion. They also imprint the palms on both sides of the wall and stick the rakhis as a part of a ritual.
  7. In some parts of the country, young Brahmin boys take part in the sacred thread changing ceremony.

Raksha Bandhan symbolizes the everlasting love between a brother and sister and this is one important festival that is never missed by any Hindu.

By Maanasi

Short Essay on Population Explosion

Population Explosion is one of the major concerns of a highly populated country. Population explosion can be defined as a phase when the population in a society increases all of a sudden. It can also be defined as the stage when the numbers of the certain species are increased suddenly.

Population explosion is one of the major problems faced by the countries like India. During the census of 1951, the population of the country increased by more than 361 billion. The population again increased by 1.21 billion at the time of 2011 census. This can affect a country and its economy to a large extent. Though there are a number of programs conducted by the government to educate people about the issue of population growth, the population could not be controlled.

Population explosion can cause quite a number of problems. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Unemployment is one of the major problems that are caused by overgrowing population. Even in countries like India, millions of people are still unemployed.
  2. Overpopulation of any country can be a threat to the environment. The natural resources are used up, including the land.
  3. Poverty is of the major disadvantages of population explosion. Most of the people who do not follow birth control are the ones from the poorer section of the society. With inadequate earning and resources, they remain poor and so do their kids.
  4. Population explosion can also cause illiteracy. As we spoke most of the people are still poor or from a lower middle class family. Even today a number of families prefer to send only their sons to school for education. Girl child is made to stay at home. With a majority of the population being girls, it certainly affects the literacy rate of the country.
  5. Use of vehicles increases and this can also lead to increase in pollution as well.
  6. Population explosion can also lead to global warming due to the increased use of resources.
  7. The overall health of the majority of people will also take a backseat.

The above are just some of the disadvantages of population explosion.

By Maanasi

Short Paragraph on Helping Others

Everything in this environment is connected or relying on something else. It is important that we help those people who need our help because no matter how small our help is, it can surely make a huge difference in other people’s life. According to the law of attraction, every good thing we do will someday come back to us because this is the only way life works.

Helping others is not always about financially supporting them. At some time it’s about giving them an extra hand while they are struggling with something. Listening to others when you feel someone is feeling lonely or sharing a bite of food with someone who is starving for days. A small action can be taken by giving your bus seat to someone who needs it more than you, helping people with directions or crossing roads.

There are many people who do not have anyone to interact or communicate their feelings with. If you are a good listener or adviser, you can always give people good advice and listen to their problems. Helping others is the best thing you can do in life. Till the time we could not help others selflessly, there is no chance that we will be able to save the humanity.

By Revaa

Short Paragraph on Girl Education

Education is the basic rights of any human being so when it comes to girls why discriminate? There is a well-known saying “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).

There are many countries which are struggling to develop, but does not realize why countries like United States and Japan are so much more developed? The answer is simple, in developed countries education is imparted among people equally regardless of their gender. Whereas in the developing countries, preference is always given to the education of boy over a girl. People often blame poverty to be the reason for they cannot educate their girls, but how they are perfectly able to send their boys to school? If the next time you have money to spend on one child, choose your girl because she can later teach your whole family.

Every girl has the rights to be a part of an educational organisation and pursue any profession they want to. This is the only way we can have a fair completion among people. If you want your country to develop, make sure every person have the weapon of education regardless of what gender, caste or religion they belong to.

By Revaa

Short Essay on Milkman

Milkman is a person who sells or delivers milk or products that are made using milk. A number of times, milkman carries the milk and delivers it to the households. The milk is either delivered as packets or in bottles or cartons. The delivery of the milk mostly occurs during the wee morning hours and some of the milk men also carry various other products along with milk like eggs, bread, and butter and so on.

Milk is till date delivered everyday as many believe that improper refrigeration can spoil the milk. Before when milk bottles were not available, milkmen used to fill the jugs of the customers by using a churn.

Let us now have a look at some of the interesting facts about the Indian milkmen.

  • For those who are not aware, India is known to be the largest producer of milk. Also Indians have a number of ways in which they consume milk.
  • Indian cows are estimated to supply more than 10 million tons of milk each year, which certainly keeps increasing with increasing population.
  • It is very rare in an Indian household to go visit a supermarket to buy milk. Milk is delivered everyday by the milkmen in half liter packets every morning. The call of the milkman is indeed a wake up call in the morning.
  • The job of milkman is much disciplined and yet is unrecognized, very similar to that of the paperboys.
  • Milkmen have gradually disappeared from British societies. It is said that about 40,000 milkmen to deliver milk during 1970s, the count of which reduced to 4,000 in this modern era. Most of them who still use this service are elderly people.
  • Milkmen were also called in a number of communities as the “eyes and the ears of the community.”

Milkmen are punctual and work really hard, so the next time you see one, do not forget to appreciate.

By Maanasi

Short Essay on Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is one of the most important festivals celebrated in many states across India. The festival is mostly celebrated on the 14th of January every year and each state celebrates the festival in an entirely different way. Makar or Capricorn is a zodiac sign followed by Hindu’s and Sankranti means to change the direction. The day of Makar Sankranti is considered to be quite auspicious and it also marks the start of the harvest season in India.

People often consider that taking a dip in the holy river, fasting, doing charity, praying their deity will help them get rid of their sins. A number of families also offer special poojas on this day to please Lord Vishu.

Let us now have a look at a few facts related to Makar Sankranti.

  1. The festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in all states of India. People from North India, take a bath in the holy water of River Ganga and donate rice and lentils to the poor.
  2. In the state of Maharashtra, the first harvest of crops, especially of sugarcane is celebrated on the day of Makar Sankranti. People dress up by wearing new clothes and also exchange sweets.
  3. In Gujarat, Makar Sankranti is also known as Uttarayan. People take time and visit their loved ones on this day and also exchange gifts.
  4. Makar Sankranti is called as the “Pedda Pandaga” in the southern Telugu states. It means a big festival in English and is celebrated for 3 days. People also prepare a special rice dish with newly harvested rice called as Pongal. The dish is first offered to goddess Lakshmi and then consumed by the others.
  5. The people of Karnataka celebrate the festival by wearing new clothes and also exchange the first sugarcane harvest.
  6. International Kite Festivals are also held in a number of states during Makar Sankranti.
  7. In Bihar people follow a tradition of making Ghughutis.

Though Makar Sankranti has different names, it is celebrated with vivacity in every state of India.

By Maanasi

Uses of Rain – Short Essay

Rain is an excellent source of water for use. A lot of people harvest rainwater through different techniques instead of letting all the water to go to waste. It involves the redirection of the water to a storage unit. For instance, you can install gutters. Once you harvest the water, you can use it for numerous things.

Uses of Rain


Rainwater is not unhealthy when you treat it properly. You can treat the water or boil it, and it will be ready for use. You can drink it or cook with it.


Rainwater can also be great for cleaning. One beauty is that it is naturally soft water. Therefore, it leathers quickly and effortlessly with soap. You can use it for laundry, for cleaning the house, utensils, and even showering.


Rainwater is also perfect for irrigation. Use it to water your house plants, the lawn, your vegetables in the garden, and anything else.

Flushing the toilet

We visit the toilet many times a day. In a large household, this means more water usage. Therefore, you can harvest rainwater for this particular purpose and save some money. You can channel the rain into a storage unit whose pipes run to the toilet or sore it in a drum close to the washroom.

Watering the animals

You can also water wildlife animals, domesticated animals, and pets with it. Animals also consume a lot of water and rainwater will save you some money.


Rain is also an excellent resource for constructing ponds. You will not need to use too much of the piped water in sustaining the pond. You will not incur any extra water bills. Furthermore, it proves to be healthier as it lacks chemicals thus it is pure.

Washing your car and other mechanical equipment

When you need to clean your car, you can also turn to rainwater. It all comes back to saving the money in your account. Other than your car, there is other mechanical equipment that you may need to wash after use; you can comfortably do that as well.

These are some of the uses of rainwater once you harvest it. It is economical and convenient.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is the annoying noise which can cause harm to the balance as well as the activity of humans or animals. There are various sources of noise pollution and some of them are machines, trains, motor vehicles and even aircrafts. The presence of various industries near to an urban infrastructure can also lead to noise pollution.

The internal noise pollution can be caused due to loud music or the use of machines. If noise pollution is more it can also cause a lot of stress. Noise pollution can also lead to vasoconstriction which in turn causes high blood pressure and various cardiovascular diseases.

It is unknown that noise pollution can also cause a lot of trouble to animals as well. It can at times lead to hearing loss in both humans and animals.

Let us now know more about the ill effects of noise pollution.

  1. Noise pollution not only affects the health of humans, but can also change their behavioral patterns.
  2. Noise pollution can also damage the psychological health of humans. It not only causes stress and hypertension, but can also lead to sleep disturbances.
  3. A lot of noise can also cause breathing troubles, especially in older people and in those suffering from anxiety disorders.
  4. Noise pollution can also lead to a premature child birth. This is one of the reasons why pregnant women are asked to stay away from loud noises. It can cause a lot of trouble to the unborn baby.
  5. Noise pollution can cause insomnia and this usually continues even after the noises have been stopped.
  6. Noise can often lead to stomach problems and also cause acid reflux. It also disturbs digestion.
  7. Loud noises can prove to be fatal for those suffering from heart ailments.

Most of us have experienced noise pollution and know how bad it can be. So, let the change begin from us. Let’s try and prevent noise pollution.

By Maanasi