My Aim in Life – Short Essay

Everyone has their own aims in life which they may or may not follow in their adulthood. My aim in life is to become a doctor, and I am trying every bit that I can, to become the best doctor in the world. It is no doubt that a doctor is the most hardworking person in the world because to become a doctor, one has to sacrifice his sleep, his friends and a lot more because studying medical is not drinking a cup of tea. Here is what I have planned to become a doctor:

  • I am currently in 10+1, and I am doing great in a study that is why I chose to follow my dreams and keep my aim of becoming a doctor alive. I decided medical stream and studying everything included in my syllabus regardless of the factor that they are essential for a student of class 10+1 or not.
  • I have an aim that I have to clear NEET exam so that I can take admission in various famous MBBS colleges around the nation and to clear NEET; I have to concentrate on my class 10+1 and 10+2 syllabus completely.
  • I have been getting trained by a good teacher as well as a doctor, my Uncle who has done MD and he is a gynecologist.
  • I have kept shorter goals like for first I have to clear NEET exam, afterward, I need to make sure that I am taking admission in a Government college so that the fee of MBBS would be lesser as compared to private colleges and later I am aiming to become a surgeon, and I will try as hard as possible to become a surgeon.
  • I am currently at a point where I can’t think much about the future but can concentrate on present studies only, and I am doing that very well with an eye on future too.

I know I am capable of becoming a doctor and with all my hard work and determination, I will become a doctor one day.

By Vishakha