Short Essay on Youth of Today

A country’s development mostly depends upon the development of youth, and if the youth is going in the right places, there is no way that the country would be having some problems. It can clearly be seen that the entire country follows the trend which is set by the youth of today. And by youth we not mean a collection of people, we can mean a single as well as a group of youngsters. Here is what the youth of today is up to:

  • Today’s youth is more focused on their fitness than anyone ever was. This can clearly be seen from the number of increasing fitness video bloggers and a number of people uploading their pictures on Instagram and Facebook. People are taking care of what they should eat and what they shouldn’t, and in this way, they are living the healthiest lifestyle.
  • The youth of today doesn’t focus on just securing good marks in school or colleges. Instead, he is focused on earning knowledge about each and every subject so that the knowledge can help him in future because he knows marks are of no use when one hasn’t gained knowledge about subjects.
  • The youth of today follows his passion and doesn’t care about what others have decided for him. When he follows his passion, it means that he will go with aspiration and power towards it and most probably, he will achieve what he has aimed for and he will love what he is doing.
  • The youth of today is more focused on sports activities, and that is why it can be seen that countries around the world are getting so many medals in various sports.
  • The youth of today is raising their voice over corruption, and any such problems.   Corrupt people now are a bit afraid to raise their voice against the youth of the country because they know that youth has the power to snatch their power.

All the points mentioned above tell about the real youth and the power of youth which is making the present generation great day by day.

By Vishakha