Short Essay on Science and Technology

Science and Technology – Short Essay 1

We all know the impact of science and technology in our lives. When we look back to the olden days, people used to spend a lot of time doing the tasks that we do within a few minutes. Use of science and technology has not only improved the lifestyle of the modern man, but also in his overall well-being.

We are all dependent on technology these days and we make use of a number of products to accomplish our tasks with ease. Emerging technologies, today impact our lives way more than before and we as humans keep asking for more for sure.

We all know that science and technology are implemented in almost every walk of our lives, but let us have a look at some of the advantages of the same.

  1. Businesses today can save a lot of money by using technology for different tasks. Even a small business can thrive and deliver the best.
  2. Science and technology also play a very important role in the field of healthcare and medicine. With new discoveries and inventions, doctors are able to treat patients on time, thus saving lives of many.
  3. Technology and science go hand in hand when it comes to engineering. A number of magnificent bridges, dams and buildings were built due to the gift of science.
  4. Technology has made communication quite easy. One can easily talk to their loved across from another country in an instant via a video call. So, families that stay far from each other can connect virtually via video conferencing.
  5. Technology paved way to social technology that helps you meet new people online. Make a new friend or find that someone special in no time.
  6. Science and technology have also brought in major changes in the field of education.
  7. Technology also made buying and selling of goods easier than before. Now people do not need physical stores to sell their products.

Use of science and technology can also be seen in various sectors like banking, agriculture and transportation.

By Maanasi

Science and Technology – Short Essay 2

Imagine your life without science and technology. Can you? Just have a glance at the things around you. Do you find anything that is not related to science or technology? Starting from the fans, smartphones, paper, wheels, toothbrush, vehicles, microwave, radio, laptops, to any other electronic device or say everything is connected with science and technology in one or the other way. Be it a student, housewife, shopkeeper, engineer, or any other professional individual, everyone is involved with science and technology. From performing minor things to major tasks, science and technology has helped in making our life easy.

But what is actually science and technology? Some think they both are different concepts, but the truth is that both are related to each other. Science is circumscribed as a systematic study of the behavior and structure of any natural or physical thing in the world with the help of various experiments and observation processes. While technology means the application of the scientific knowledge for performing various practical purposes. Hence, with the support of each other, it has helped in making the human life full of comfort and also has kept on updating its techniques, technologies, products, and services too.

By Venu

Updated on May 19, 2020.