My Favorite Game (Kho Kho) – Short Essay

My Favorite Game (Kho Kho)

Kho Kho is a game which is not really popular in the world, but it is played by a lot of people in India. I played Kho Kho when I not even knew about its exact rules, but I loved the game very much. So, I decided that I will be playing Kho Kho during my school and college days as well and I must say that even in such a fierce competition, I was able to play states in a game like Kho Kho. Here I would like to list some benefits of playing my favorite game, Kho Kho:

  • Kho Kho is a game which can be played by a poor as well as a rich person because it doesn’t require you to be having money for buying equipment as playing Kho Kho only requires having great fitness and activeness.
  • Kho Kho enhances the fitness level of human beings because, in this game, one has to run, one has to sit, and one has to immediately stand when he is tagged so the reflexes should be really fast and one should be very fit if he wants to sustain in this wonderful game.
  • Practicing Kho Kho game makes a person very active mentally as well because even if you have not been tagged in the game, your mind is always concentrating top catch your opponent and it will show your activeness only as to how and when and in what time you have caught your opponent.
  • Kho Kho doesn’t have a piece of equipment, all one requires is comfortable shorts and t-shirts, and he is ready to play it. I played it because it made me feel happy as well as I didn’t have money to buy the equipment for any other sports. But I am very proud that I chose Kho Kho over other sports because I don’t think I could have played any other sport so well like I play Kho Kho.
  •    I have taught a lot of people about various skills in the game, and still, when I see children play this fantastic game, I go to them and share my experiences of the game with them so that they can achieve better in this wonderful game.

So, this was all about my favorite game Kho Kho, it is not very popular, but still, I am very happy that every youngster in India has played it once in his lifetime.

By Vishakha