Essay on Childhood Memories


Children experience thousands of events during their entire childhood period yet as adults they only recall a handful. Childhood memories could be firsts (their first day at school, their first chocolate) or notable life events (moving houses, their first birthdays). The events vary widely in magnitude. So, do these memories have any bearing on the personality of the child? Do they
reflect their early remembrance skill, individual experiences or interests? The answer to all these questions is yes.


Childhood memories are events and experiences individuals witness or go through during childhood and memories. They create an individual’s being and purpose making them who they are as adults. What you remember most as a child will stick to your mind forever. You childhood experiences determine your fears, likes and dislikes in your mind, most of which will last your entire life. Some of the roles your childhood memories play include predicting future outcomes and guiding your current behaviors.

Factors Shaping Childhood Memories


Parents reminisce with children severally on a daily basis (for instance, reliving memorable events and reflecting on the previous transgression with the view of fortifying lessons learned). Parents, therefore, play a major role in the development and elaboration of childhood memories. Some even use highly intricate reminiscing styles that involve posing questions and detailing events in ways that scaffold and encourage contribution from the children. While some parents opt to use emotional content others lay more emphasis on factual details. The differences have substantial implications; children eventually adopt the personalized styles used by their parents.


Childhood memories reflect the wider cultural norms and practices. Mothers who focus on their children’s personal emotional experiences as they remember together have an easy time imparting cultural norms in them.

Importance of Childhood Memories

Shape your life

Childhood memories shape your life and make you who you are because they remain etched in your mind for eternity. Some acts like your parent forcing you to attend a camporee at an early age inculcate courage in you enabling you to undertake similar tasks later on in life. Some events prevent you from developing negative behaviors like timidity and water phobia.

Determine Character

The lessons you learn while growing up remain in your for life. If you parents encourage you to work hard and practice resilience will go a long way in helping you prosper and gain respect in the society. While developing some virtues require a level of effort, if you try them at an early age you will have an easy time mastering. You should, therefore, practice, as a child, to remain tough in the wake of challenging circumstances.


Childhood memories are shaped by experiences both within your family and in the society as a whole. In the family, parents play a crucial role in influencing how you experience and learn from events and experiences that you go through as a child. Considering that the memories play many important roles in your adult life parents should make conscious efforts to explicate positive experiences and encourage memorization of lessons learned.

By: Joni Kim