Essay on Christmas


Christmas is a Christian holiday that honors the birth of Jesus Christ. The holiday has evolved into a global secular and religious celebration and has even incorporated several pagan and pre-Christian practices into the festivities. Although it is celebrated as the day Jesus was born into this world, Christmas also symbolizes deeply significant truth in the spiritual life. Being the personification of Divinity, Jesus was born at a period when ignorance, greed, hatred and superstition prevailed on the land. Purity was disregarded and morality neglected.


Christmas is a birthday party (for Jesus) and, just like all birthday parties is celebrated by many (Christians and non-Christians). The title Christmas came from Mass of Christ. A Mass service, or Communion or even Eucharist, commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The party is all about gift-giving, family and social gatherings, feasting, symbolic decoration and much more. Observed on December 25 it is a cultural and religious celebration observed by billions of people from all over the world. That is whys it is widely regarded the largest social event in the calendar is, therefore, understandable.

Importance of Christmas

Spiritual experience

Whether you celebrate it alone or in the company of others, whether you get gifts or not, Christmas provides an opportunity to seek a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ and live true to His teachings. It is not about seeking attention from others but instead receiving love and life from God. So, desist from sensual indulgence and seek heavenly inspiration. The day is all about honoring Christ and remembering the role he played in our salvation.

Brings Great Joy

Christmas is a time of great joy because the birth of Jesus is in itself a manifestation of God’s great love for humanity. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God, who was sent into the world by God. His birth brought a lot of joy into the world. Angles, shepherds, and wise men shared in the excitement, knowing the importance of His birth into this world. Jesus was no ordinary baby. The prophets had predicted his birth several years before.


Christmas brings goodwill in that it connotes blessings to all people. The festivities are a season of peace and blessings. Jesus came to give peace to all human beings; the peace that passes all human understanding. This is the type of peace that no man can provide because it is divine (the nature of peace that sets the pace for God’s intervention in your life. Possessions and positions do not guarantee peace. It is only Jesus who can bring this peace.


Christmas is a collection of celebrations, attitudes, rituals of worship, the selling and buying of gifts, private and public gatherings brought together by the birth of Jesus of Christ. Given the significance it has in the salvation story, billions of people from all walks of life eagerly wait and take part in the celebrations every year. Among its many benefits are partaking in the joy, peace, and love that the son of God brought into the world. By holding Christmas parties corporates also derive many benefits that include thanking employees for their hard work and strengthening team dynamics.

By: Joni