Essay on Family


Family plays one of the most important influences on everyone’s life; from our first moments of life, we depend on our parents for protection and provision of basic needs. Our siblings form our first relationships. They are your first teachers and serve as role models in how you conduct yourself and how you react to the world around you. The unit is, therefore, where you experience your biggest triumphs and deepest vulnerabilities. The best families provide everything necessary to have the greatest potential to excel in life. Your family is divine God intended it to be the basis for society.


A family is a social unit composed of at least two people related by blood, adoption or marriage and who have a common commitment to the mutual relationship. A while ago the term referred to a father, mother and their children. However, its definition has changed to accommodate the current different forms.


Promote Wealth Accumulation

Families composed of married couples and their biological children promote wealth not only in their family but also in the entire economy. Such families have higher median income compared to other types and are, therefore associated with significant economic growth. The characteristic built in support structures give the kids and the parents opportunities to pursue education eventually landing on better-paying jobs that promote wealth accumulation.

Encouragement and support

The fact when times are hard and everything seems to be going wrong your family is always by your side cheering and encouraging you. Your family always has your back regardless of the nature of the circumstances you are facing. While friends and well-wishers only help you for self-gain, your parents act selflessly for the sake of their treasured kids.

Regulate Emotions

Children who experience sound family relationships while growing up exhibit more control of their emotions when they grow up. Such people are self-aware and as such are able to control their feelings in positive and appropriate ways. Studies have even linked closeness of such members to longer lifespans. The bonds also lengthen life a lot more than friendship bonds. Family members will make you feel loved and happy more than any other form of friendship.


Your family has a huge bearing on your development and growth as well as on the quality of life you lead in your adulthood. Even with the variation in nature and constitution, it still plays a major role in your life. So, treat the resulting ties with the level of seriousness they deserve and do not take any member for granted. Besides being divine the fact God had a special purpose for putting you in your family means you must gladly and rightly play your role therein.

By: Joni Kim