Essay on Flowers


Flowers come in various shapes, colors and form. Besides being pretty these plants organs have very many religious and cultural significance. Some even have meanings linked with them while others only befit certain special occasions. For instance, a red rose symbolizes romantic love while Gardenia signifies sweetness and purity. They are, therefore, conspicuously present on events like graduation ceremonies, birthdays and weddings. Flowers, therefore, form a central part of our daily lives.

Flowers refer to the seed bearing sections of plants and consist of reproductive organs (Carpets and stamen) surrounded by a green calyx and brightly colored petals (corolla).

Health Benefits of flowers

Health Improvement

Receiving flowers regardless of whether you bought them yourself or they were sent by another person provides an instant mood boost. A bundle of flowers is sure evidence that you are well thought of by someone which can do a lot for your well-being. It shows that someone cares for you. Use a pretty bouquet consisting of brightly colored flowers with a soothing fragrance can brighten your room and lift your mood.

Boost memory and concentration

Have you ever completely lost your train of thought? You need to keep flowing plants in yurt indoor space. Plants oxygenate the air improving your brain cells and restoring your best self-feel. You can choose a bouquet or invest in a long-lasting plant for a lasting effect. There are resilient indoor plants that are easy to care for and only need water a few times a week. Such varieties of flowers are not only stunning but also good for boosting your brain function.

Promotes healthier sleep

Research shows that the things that you enjoy like the smell and touch of your favorite flower generate pleasure response within your body by producing feel-good hormones. The hormones will, in turn, eradicate negative emotional feelings. So, add a lavender plant to your environment to enjoy these benefits on a daily basis. Pleasant cells also increase the production of melatonin, a chemical that is necessary for healthy sleeping at night.


Flowers, besides being curlicue creations to behold have many health and environmental and economic benefits. They contribute to biodiversity and others are sold to foreign countries thus providing revenue to the exporting countries. Health benefits include stress, anxiety, and depression relieve. There are different types of flowers found in various parts of the world. So, identify your favorite type and introduce it to your environment to reap its many benefits.

By: Joni Kim