Essay on Grandmother


Grandmas are important people in this world. If you are lucky enough to have both still living you should make an effort to always treat them right. Even when the hustle and bustle of life take much of your time to create some to at least call and check on them. Note that to them you are a source of pride and joy. That is why they love you unconditionally. They spoiled you with presents and love long before you could even say thank you.


Your grandmother is your father’s or mother’s mother. We all have two biological grandmas; paternal who is your father’s mother and maternal, your mother’s mother. In many cultures grandmothers live with their adult child’s family, helping them raise their children (her grandchildren). In such settings, grandmas are instrumental in imparting historical values to their grandchildren. Since they have an enormous knowledge from another generation, they are best positioned to guide and advice the growing generation.

Importance of grandmothers

Solid Foundation

She is always the bond that keeps the family glued together. Grandma serves as a vital link (particularly in the case of single parents), offer support to the busy parents besides providing wise counsel on issues that touch on the younger troublesome generations. They, therefore, form a strong family foundation on which all relationships and interactions are based.

Stability and understanding

Grandmothers have a special bond that brings the warmth of motherhood with the forbearance and resilience of older and wiser years. She has a honed understanding of children of various ages. Their comprehension is, therefore, more perceptive and comforting than those of busy parents or granddad. Whatever children are up to you can trust grandma to always detect it faster than any other family member.

Positive values

Your grandma passes down to you her good values sometimes even without you realizing it. With time values like respecting and understanding other and persistence and hard work are embedded in your value system. Other values that you can easily learn from them are integrity and courage in the wake of adversity. You then start to understand the feelings of others and applying balanced judgment. They also teach you practically the importance of supporting and sacrificing for others.

Source of inspiration

Since they always believe in you grandmothers provide reliable sources of inspiration. To them, you are simply a miracle, an extension of their existence. This unwavering vote of confidence is exceptionally motivating. Pleasing your grandmas is a lot easier. Knowing she believes you will always do your bests is extraordinarily inspiring.


There is no denying that grandmothers play a vital role (both directly and indirectly) in the upbringing of their grandchildren. Studies show that children who are fortunate enough to have a close relationship with their grandmas grow up to be respectful members of society. Despite this glaring fact some people do not give these important family members the respect and attention they deserve. Grandmas have a lot to offer both to their children and their grandchildren. So, always create the right environment so they can instill their useful skills and values to all members of the family.

By: Joni Kim