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Grandparents play a vital role in the upbringing of their grandchildren both directly and indirectly. Their significance to grandchildren is evident through the help and support they give to their adult children. In the event a dispute occurs between parents and their children, grandparents play a crucial neutral role in restoring peace and harmony. They, also, provide a much-needed support when parents are too busy to attend to their children.

Having seen it all, grandmas and granddads are best positioned to mediate between children.


Grandparents are parents of your mother or father. So, your father’s mother and father, your mother’s mother and father are all your grandparents. Given their advanced age, grandparents serve as stress buffers arbitrators, roots, and supporters in their children’s families. Besides being historians (they instill ethnic heritage values, teach good morals and pass on important family traditions), they are mentors for their younger grandchildren. Some of them move into their children’s families and hence provide care during the day when their adult children are busy with work activities.



As a historian, a grandparent helps their grandchildren find identity in a broader context. They provide a link to the ancestors, the heads of the family and to the family’s shared history. By sharing stories of the past, they are able to pass on positive values to the next generations.


They serve as cheerleaders by always motivating their grandchildren to develop their dreams and imaginations, nurture their spirits and encourage their intellectual development. They also give grandchildren their self of self-worth.


Even though some grandparents are full-time caregivers for their grandchildren, in most cases, they fill in the gaps. Everyone needs someone who can chip in when the normal child-care plan fails, for example when your child falls too sick to be left in the hands of a house help. Grand-parents best fit this role.


They are playmates to their growing grandchildren and as such act as fresh spectators to the young ones encouraging them to excel in their performance. Since they do not provide day-to-day disciplining, grandparents assume the role of a secret pal and confidant.


Grandparents bring energy, optimism, love, laughter, and purpose to everyone in the family. They, therefore, form a vital part of a grandchild’s life when they are here on the planet. Consequently, parents should take an active role to ensure that there is a loving, fruitful and harmonious relationship between children and their grandparents. Parents should encourage their children to respect, listen to and take seriously the lessons they learn from their granddads and grandmas.

By: Joni Kim


Have you ever noticed your grandparents would actually know every piece of emotions of your kids? Do you still run to your grandparents for taking advice on tough decisions? Yes, today we are talking about grandparents who are in many homes welcomed while in some they are neglected. Grandparents are similar to the shades of any tree, helpful in various ways to make your life simple and less struggling. They serve as a bridge between two different generations and make efforts to fill the gap with love and care.

It is observed widely that the kids are very close to the grandparents than the parents. Yet, there are various houses which lack grandparents as they misunderstand them as unwanted members of the house and they are placed at the old age homes.

Here are some reasons that would help you understand that the actual place of the grandparents is at home and not in old age homes:

For giving your children an experienced influence

According to a survey, 90% of the children are influenced by the values and the beliefs of their grandparents. Their relationship contains unwavering support, emotional attachment, positivity, smart understanding, and whatnot. Again, the kids are more likely to be attached to the grandparents and learn what they teach them. Hence, they are essential for representing an ideal role model to follow which helps in their upbringing positively and effectively. They learn true values of life, love, culture, etc. that is much helpful in making them perfect.

They reduce the stress levels at home

What do you do when you have any doubt regarding business or any other social or monetary matter? Whom do your kids complain or share their tough secrets with? Both the questions come up with a single word, grandparents. They play a vital role in reducing the overall stress levels at home. For the kids, they are the best companions to play with and share their notorious secrets with. Similarly, for the adults, they are an experienced source for advising in various difficult matters both commercial and personal. Hence, in this way, they help in making the environment of the home light by reducing stress.

They provide you with a secure feeling

No matter whether your house is going through some tough moments or happy ones, the grandparents have always been a source of security for everyone’s life. At the age of teens, the kids need an extra ear for sharing their feelings and emotions. They require someone to open up to and who can prove to be a wall beside them. At such time, the grandparents play a vital role in getting them back to their routine reducing their fears. Similarly, for the adults, they are the source of experience that helps with various ideas to get out of the tough moments.

For proper childcare

Today, both the parents are found working in different fields to meet the monthly financial requirements of the house. As they remain tied in their commercial schedules, they generally go for childcare providers or babysitters to look after their kids that are too costly as well as the security of the kids remains a big tension for the parents. The grandparents here play an essential part to look after the infants properly. They look after their needs and health. Grandparents have proved to be capable of caring hands for the kids providing a level of comfort to the kids and security to the parents.

A treasure of experience

Have you ever sat silently and talked to the grandparents? They have bundles of stories and experiences to share with you and your kids. In many houses, it is experienced that the children are found listening to the grandparents and not the parents or an elderly person in the house. It is the grandparents who have the perfect key to the children’s problems without any unwanted effects. They also hold a treasure of family history and cultural heritage of the family which helps the family in various ways.


So, are you having grandparents at your place? I hope, with this article you have understood the importance of grandparents in your life now. Take maximum advantage for molding the cultural and social side of your kids with their help for adding good values in the life of the kids.

By Venu

Updated on May 19, 2020.