Essay on Honesty is The Best Policy


Honesty is key to success because it shows you can be trusted. When you mean what you say and say what you mean you actually show that you are worth working with, being promoted and doing business with. While using lies to evade difficult situations and hide intentions and feelings is tempting, it always comes with a price. Being truthful and honest, on the other hand, is simply invaluable. Note that the truth has a way of revealing itself no matter how clever one thinks they are. When it finally dawns on your listeners that you were dishonest it will be a lot worse.


Honesty is the best policy stresses the fact speaking the truth is by far better than telling a lie even when it is extremely hard to do so. Make an effort to always tell the truth. Do not allow the superficial usefulness or ease of speaking the truth fool you into thinking you should cover your tracks instead of explaining what exactly happened. Secrets that are shrouded in lies will always surface and as such honesty is indeed the best policy. Honesty is similar to a good weapon and will benefit you in many ways. Fortunately, you can develop it naturally without incurring any cost.


Shows care

When you are honest with yourself and with others shows how much you actually care. It also shows self-esteem and respect for others. A caring attitude touches others making them pause and think. Gentle honesty is, therefore, not only attractive but also appealing.

Fosters connections

Honesty brings people closer together by creating a sound connection. It forms a solid context for a relationship in which both parties feel adequately secure to genuinely interact with each other. Such
relationships charms and empower both individuals to work on personal issues.

Fosters Courage

Courage does not denote the absence of fear. Instead, it is doing something you want to despite your fear. Honesty, therefore, enables you to have the courage to carry out any activity you wish to. Saying precisely what you feel requires an enormous amount of courage and being honest helps you achieve that. It may be difficult but practice and patience are important. Honesty pays off handsomely.

Tips to develop honesty

Listen first; take your time to listen before speaking. Speak out your mind and keep your word. Your word must always mean something,
have vale and factual.

Avoid trying to get something for nothing; dishonesty emanates from trying to steal from someone. Let people know that you can be trusted to do the right thing and complete assignments and tasks to the best of your ability without resorting to shortcuts.

Whenever you mess up to take responsibility; do not let others pay for your sins by lying, instead, make restitution and. People trust more individuals who refuse to throw blame and take responsibility for their actions.


Honesty is the best policy because besides making you feel better about yourself and making you trustworthy, it enables you to earn trust from your seniors. It also shows others that you care and value them. Lying calls for more lies to cover up the initial ones. Eventually, you will stress up trying to maintain what you started a while ago. So, try your best to be truthful. Practice speaking the truth and taking responsibilities for your actions.

By: Joni Kim