Go Green Save Future – Essay

Go Green Save Future 

Going green implies pursuing knowledge that can lead to more ecological and environmentally friendly decisions and lifestyles. This helps in protecting the environment thus sustaining its natural resources. People always talk about going green. Why go green? People are trying to abandon the use of chemicals and plastic bags.

There are many ways you can go green, but often people ignore them. Going green is a personal choice which is meant to keep the environment clean and safe for the betterment of our planet. This makes earth livable even for the coming generations. Here are some ways which you can go green.

Use renewable sources of energy

There are many sources of energy, but some are not environmental friendly. Some like the use of gasoline lead to the production of smoke which leads to air pollution. Use of wind turbines, for instance, produce energy that is sufficient to almost three hundred homes without causing any pollution.

Recycle and reuse

This sounds a common practice, but people often ignore it. This saves littering on the environment especially with the use of plastic products.

Shop smart

It is important to buy products only that you will require. When you are buying food it is better to budget for what you can eat to avoid food waste. This works positively in making the environment tidy which makes it a better place to live.

Plant a tree

We all know that trees have a lot of benefits when it comes to environmental conservation. Trees absorb carbon dioxide which is harmful to the environment and releases oxygen thus it purifies the air.

Go digital

This implies we should stop printing large chunks of paperwork and start utilizing the technology that we have. There are modern ways of storing information instead of using ways we are hazardous to the environment. This avoid creating trash.

Conserve water

It is vital to conserve water for a better environment. Set goals to reduce water consumption. Fix water leakages if possible and minimize water usage in toilets and showers. Use methods such as mulching and drip irrigation on your farm eventually you will have conserve water.

Create a garden

We should note that there are animals that depends on us for survival. Our gardens serve as habitats of these animals. Gardens promote the environment.

Utilize compost

Composting is an efficient way of reducing waste from the kitchen. There are plenty of ways to achieve this all you will need is to identify a method which will work well for you.

Go green with transport

Cars use SUV s thus using a lot of energy. You can consider going for electric cars or hydrogen cars since they don’t release emissions. Alternatively, you can choose to stop using cars and use means such as walking or biking.

Observe healthy diet

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating lots of meat which could be hazardous to your health. Maintain a balanced diet and your general health condition will improve.


If we need to achieve the objective the objective of going green. It will be vital if we mobilize our friends and relatives so that we can achieve this goal altogether.

By IsaacV