How to Stop Pollution – Essay

Pollution has been a long-term problem worldwide. Efforts have been channeled to stop it, but it is becoming more challenging. This is mainly because we are trying to stop it yet we are ignoring its various forms and how it’s generated. Lets us see possible ways which we can stop pollution:

Stopping or Preventing Air pollution

To reduce air pollution, the following should be addressed:

  • Switch to renewable sources of energy: Clean energy reduces the harmful radiation of gases. This include-energy, solar, hydroelectricity, thermal and geothermal. By utilizing these alternative sources of energy, we will be reducing the use of fossil fuels which largely contributes to air pollution.
  • Reducing car emissions: People can’t do away with cars since they use them to travel to places. Therefore, there are modern technologies that are gradually replacing petroleum and diesel engines. People should be encouraged to use electric cars which minimize the use of gasoline.
  • Greenhouse gases cause global warming: This is becoming a severe problem. To handle this, we need to shift from chemical fertilizers and use organic manure. There is a need to minimize the use of fossil, and the community should be involved in curbing greenhouse effect.
  • Planting trees: Trees reduce air pollution through the gas cycle.
  • The government should come up with policies that regulate the industrial release of harmful gases to the environment.

Stopping or Preventing Water pollution

Many water pollutants originate from land which makes its way to the water bodies. The following are steps we can stop water pollution:

  • Prevent soil erosion since it is a significant source of nutrient pollution in the water bodies.
  • Avoid careless dumping of plastic bags by recycling or reusing them to reduce pollution
  • Use biodegradable products instead of chemical which ends into water sources.
  • Avoid excessive use of chemical fertilizers on firms. During heavy rains, they get washed off to the water bodies thus causing pollution.
  • The government should monitor sewage which ends up in water sources. Some industries don’t treat their wastewater which is toxic to both people and animals using the water.

Stopping or Preventing Soil pollution

Tackling sources of water pollution involves dealing with the following:

  • Domestic waste: These wastes should be handled appropriately to avoid rising into levels which can cause soil pollution.
  • Landfills: Size of landfills should be reduced for proper segregation, recycling and reusing materials which can cause contamination.
  • Industrial waste: These waste dramatically causes soil pollution when disposed on the land.
  • Soil conservation: Deforestation, use of excessive farm chemicals, over-grazing can be controlled through proper conservation measures.


Pollution affects all the elements in the ecosystem. All the forms of pollution should be dealt with because the pollutants are interlinked. This makes it difficult to be contained. Proper and reliable measures addressing underlying issues should be implemented without delay.

Some polluting agents can cause multiple forms of pollution. Therefore, controlling them will be a sign of progress. Finally, it is our responsibility as individuals to be part of the solution providers. Pollution is as a result of negligence and lack of awareness. Let’s all team up and fight this escalating problem before it gets out of hand.

By IsaacV