How we can Stop Global Warming? – Essay

As the world warms, we’re experiencing severe weather conditions that have become so intense and frequent, prolonged droughts are interfering with food crops, sea levels are rising, and worst of all, plant of plants and animal species are forced to go into extinction.

Therefore, global warming is a menace that’s on high scale and severity. It’s good that communities, people, businesses, schools, cities organizations, and faith groups are seriously fighting global as though our lives rely on it.

Few Ways to Stop Global Warming

Want to combat global warming? Do the following things;

Change a light

You can stop using a regular light bulb and switch to a eco-friendly light.

Recycle More

The option of recycling over half of the waste from your household will help prevent Global Warming.

Drive Less

You can decide to carpool, walk, and take mass transit instead of driving a personal vehicle to places that have such options of movement.

Work on Your Tires

If you ensure that your car tires are well inflated, you can improve your fuel mileage. Do you know that a single gallon of gasoline you preserve get rid of a lot of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?

Switch off Electric Devices and Appliances

Did you know that by switching off your TV set, stereo, computer, and DVD Player when not in use you save thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide each year? Therefore, you can keep the world from global warming by being responsible for your electrical devices.

Plant Trees

Plant as many trees as possible because if a single tree can save one ton of carbon dioxide for a lifetime, what amount of carbon dioxide will reduce by practice natural afforestation.

Adjust Your Thermostat

During winter you can fight global warming by adjusting your thermostat 2 degrees down and 2 degrees up in summer.

Resist Products with Plenty of Packaging

If you reduce your garbage, you will help in checking Global Warming.

Minimize the use of hot water

Heating water requires a lot of energy. You can use less hot water through the use of more relaxed and shorter showers. You can also opt to wash your clothes in cold water rather than how water.

Use energy wisely through the following activities

  • Winterize your home to avoid heat from escaping
  • Focus on purchasing appliances with Energy Star label
  • Install a programmable thermostat

Put a high price on pollution

Carbon pricing assists as it increases the costs of pollutants and makes green solutions moderately affordable. This saves energy and decreases emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Divest from fossil fuels

Fossil fuels considered a sunset industry. We should avoid investing in fossil fuels as they are a risk for the planet.

Eat for a stable planet earth

Don’t overeat and plenty of your diet should entail a lot of plants.

Weatherize continuously

You can seal all the drafts to secure your space is properly insulated and avoid air-conditioning and heating as they require much energy.


As we have seen can save our beautiful planet earth from additional warming by offsetting the carbon we produce as people. We need to buy carbon offsets that lead to clean power to our various nation’s energy grid. But even using carbon offsets is not all, we need to commit ourselves to homework that will ensure we minimize carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

By IsaacV