Importance of Advertisement – Essay

Advertising is the best and efficient way to communicate with the customers. Your customers will be able to know the brands that you are advertising. It is one of the primary methods of expanding your market. The advertisement is not limited to anybody it accommodates both the young and the old. It is usually done using different types of media involving several suitable techniques.

Importance of advertisement

Now let us find out why advertisement is essential.

Generates employment

Advertising agencies are continually searching for new creative ideas to quench the rising expectation of their clients. Therefore, it creates a job for those creative thinkers, cinematographers, graphic designers, models, and artists.

Builds brand image

Advertising helps in developing the brand image in the market. Through a repeated advertisement of the product, the customers will get more curious to know more about the product.

Monitor demand and supply

When an ad is done repeatedly, it creates a higher demand for the product and services in the market. Therefore, to fulfill this demand, there must be a constant supply of the products. The demand must be monitored.

Element of marketing

It supports sales promotion which is essential in this competitive world. Without advertising your product, it will be challenging for it to sell.

Demands creativity

An advertisement requires creative thinking. When focusing on what to promote you should ensure that it is unique and original which will be appealing to your customers.

It is a profession

The advertisement is more of a job because it requires creative skills which are based on systemic and scientific planning. It is the responsibility of professional agencies to adhere to the code of conduct.

Essential for launching

It is necessary when launching a new product on the market. Without advertisement, it would be hard to find customers for the new product,

Increases the goodwill

Advertising increases the goodwill of a firm through improved quality of services and products to the customers. An organization can increase its goodwill to sustain the market of the product.

Increases morale of the customers

It helps in improving the level of confidence for the employees of an organization. The salesman task will have been made easier when their product is known in the market.

Helps in meeting competition

It meets the existing competition in the market. If the product is not advertised the competitors will snatch its market.

Increases sales

Advertisement increases sales of the products and services by entering into new markets and attracting new customers.


It is evident that to fit into today’s world growing market; it is vital to embrace advertisement as a marketing tool.

By IsaacV