Importance of Constitution – Essay

The constitution can be equated to a shield. It protects individual freedom, and it places the power of government into the hands of the citizens. This leads to a balance of systems. The constitution regulates the relationship of various organs of government. Therefore, there is a smooth flow of power. Additionally, it lays down national goals, and every citizen will be required to work towards achieving it.

Importance of the Constitution

The constitution is vital for every state. Therefore, let us look at its influence in detail. The following are its importance:

  • The constitution being the supreme law of every country, it defines powers assigned to the primary organs of the government, it dictates the responsibilities and functions of every organ.
  • The constitution lays the fundamental structure of the government regarding how the citizens want to be governed. The three main organs of the government namely the judiciary, executive and legislature are established by the constitution.
  • Since the constitution remains superior to all other laws framed within the boundaries of a country, it brings conformity with any other law enacted by the government.
  • The constitution handles all the limitations of power and providing a quantitative recipe for an effective government. This prevents exploitation of citizens in all aspects of life.
  • The constitution of a given country establishes the national goals which create a foundation on which the state is built upon. Citizens will be required to embrace them and be part of achieving those goals.
  • A constitution upholds the rights of all citizens and dictates the obligation that every citizen must abide by. This allows for the peaceful state where no one will feel offended. Citizens should enjoy their freedom and rights wisely.
  • The constitution has rules and principles that control and manage all the political processes of a nation. This prevents segregation along political lines which can disrupt social harmony.
  • The constitution outlines the relationship between the government and its citizens. The citizens can confide in the existing administration in trying to improve their living standards.
  • The constitution must vividly reflect the sovereignty of a nation and its citizens. This should be adhered to at all costs.
  • The constitution ensures the independence of the judiciary to uphold the rule of law. Every citizen is entitled to good judgment despite his or her social status.
  • The constitution establishes the aims, values, and objectives that the people need to safeguard. Through this, a nation can plan its development strategy aimed towards making life better.
  • Through the law, the citizens can apply enduring limits on the government through the rights supported in the constitution.
  • The constitution gives the people the right to entrench the rules that govern the government they have chosen. The citizens will have full control on how they need to be governed by their leaders.


It is with no doubt that without constitution we would not be able enjoy our fundamental rights. Therefore, it is our responsibility to safeguard it to make this world a better place to live.

By IsaacV