Misuse of Internet – Essay

The Internet is one of the best inventions that man has made. Today it has become an essential part of life. Youngsters massively use social networking sites like Skype, Facebook, and Whats App to catch up with their friends.

However, its excessive use is disrupting the serenity of the society. Everyone is becoming more confused, stressed and depressed. The social norms that existed are no more. People have misused this wonderful invention. Continue reading instances that you might have one time abused the internet knowingly or unknowingly.

Time is a valuable asset that is rapidly losing meaning with technology. People focus more on online games, social networking sites which tend to become an addiction. This led to the negligence of more essential things that matter the most in life.

Spam emails are unwanted emails that are often addressed to recipients in bulk. Downloading attachments or opening the emails may infect your computer with the virus. Your valuable documents eventually get corrupted and lost. Be cautious with such emails.

The Internet is the most convenient way of reaching many people. However, some people have misused this to fulfill their evil desires.

By IsaacV