Misuse of Mobile Phones – Essay

Phone is a device that is used nowadays, is used mainly in communication other they are used in different ways like accessing the net, act as a form of entertainment with it having music and movies. The phone can be used to track a person so long as the phone is turned on.

Using the multilateral technique, the geographical position of the phone is found by calculating the signal and time differences. Some countries have technologies, they can turn on the microphones in phone to listen to the conversations that take place near the phone.

Misuse of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have brought well in the society also the have also brought misuse in the society, and these are some of the misuses;

Environmental impact

A cell phone cannot decompose, it takes many years for it to decay. Many people go for the new in the market and leaving the old one behind making the environmental hazards. Research being done on how to recycle old phones to reduce ecological risk.

Negative impact on the relationship

The cell phone has brought a lot of adverse effects on the family. You find that people of the same family are always on the telephone hence they interact less which leads to no bonding among the family member.

The phone has been known to break marriages because text messages in the phone are making the other partner insecure and lose trust on his or her partner leading to break up. Teenagers who are completely not interested in the family time are always preoccupied with their phones hence irritating their parents leading to quarrels.

Health risk

Mobile phone cause danger to our health. It is also known to increase the stress level of an individual by many ways and forms, as they can answer or the individual been called can’t answer his or her calls or their messages.


Mobile phone despite they have brought good they have also brought damages in the society, Heath effect as the significant disadvantages or misuse of the phone. It is an important accessory but we should be aware of its effects. It is fundamental to use the phone sparingly to avoid being enslaved by it.

By IsaacV