Essay on Importance of Electricity

We are all surrounded by various technologies and inventions. This makes electricity on of the most significant technological innovation that man has created.

Electricity has many sources. It can be generated from photo-voltaic, hydroelectric energy, non-renewable fuels, wind, and nuclear energy. Its primary use is dependent on nature and the facility in which it is used.

Importance of electricity.

Electricity is an essential resource in life. The following are its importance.

Used in transport

Nowadays, new inventions have led to modernization in the transport sector. Electric trains, for instance, are powered by electricity.


Electricity is essential for powering various entertainment appliances. Without electricity, there would be no movies, music and other entertaining activities.


Electricity has been applauded in significant developments in healthcare. Most of the modern machines used in hospitals require power for them to function.

Essential in engineering

Construction of structures and buildings require power. Building houses, welding of materials and installing gates and windows all need heat to operate relevant machines.

Necessary in communication

Communicating from different destinations is only possible because of power. Most of the electrical appliances have facilitated communication.

Source of light

The street lights on the roads require electricity for them to operate. Therefore, without power, our streets would be darker and unsafe.

Provides heat

People living in colder places around the world have been able to survive because of heat produced through electricity. Several heat appliances have been developed, and they are found in the market.


In the past crime rate was escalating but after the invention of electricity, it was met with a drastic drop. This is because CCTV cameras, locks, electrical fences all require electricity and it provides efficient security.

Improvement in the food sector

Today we are enjoying most delicacies because of power. Use of electrical appliances like microwaves has people to have a variety of food to eat.

Production of materials for commercial use.

Factories use heavy machinery which is powered by electricity during the processing of raw materials into useful products. This product eventually finds its way to the market.

Required in workplace

Nowadays, most of the office work is run on electricity. The lifts, lights, coffee machine, bio-metric scanners, ID card reader and most office equipment require power.

It is used as fuel

Electrical energy is a form of renewable energy which is produced using naturally available resources. Today, machines which were running on fossil fuels such as bikes and cars have been modified to be powered electrically hence being more convenient.


The probes and satellites which were sent from earth to space expeditions all require electricity. The Apollo mission would not have been possible without electricity. Additionally, the weather forecast that we always receive all by the might of power.

Saves on time

Most of the work has been made easy thus saving on time. Getting on the job early, waking up, communicating with your friends is done within the shortest time, unlike in the olden days.

Helps scholars to study

Most of the scholarly resources can be accessed through the internet and eBook which require electrical appliances. This has helped most students to study effectively and to do thorough research in their respective field of study.


In today’s culture electricity is part of a functioning society. Electricity regulates our daily activities hence it is one of the necessities. This explains why more effort has been channeled to decentralize power to the rural areas.

By IsaacV