How we can Save the Environment? – Essay

Nowadays there is a lot of debate on pollution climate changes, etc. These complaints are always heard in every part of the world. The big question is who should protect the environment?

Many organizations have been formed to address this challenge but their efforts are futile. The environment is deteriorating rapidly due to exploitation and growing technological advancements.

How we can Save the Environment?

Let us have a look at possible ways which we can save the environment.

Conserve water

Water is an essential requirement in our lives. However, rivers are running dry due to excessive domestic and commercial use. Therefore, saving rainwater will help these rivers not to run dry thus protecting the environment.

Minimize travel

Travelling is for fun, learning, recreation and even for work. However, we should avoid unnecessary travel. The automobiles that we use in commuting uses fuel which emits smoke after combustion. This damages our environment through air pollution.

Grow trees

Growing trees is an essential activity when saving the environment. Trees decrease air pollution by absorbing poisonous gases from the air. It also incorporates the solar heat which could be hazardous in excess. Trees bring rainfall thus maintaining the water cycle.

Go Organic

This means using products and foods that are made by natural methods which is one of the best ways of saving the environment. It improves health since the consumption of organic food is healthier than using synthetic products. You can also use organic farming to minimize land and water pollution.

Reuse and Recycle

Using recyclable or reusable products reduces litter which causes pollution. Therefore ensure that the products that you are using are biodegradable to avoid contaminating the environment.

Grow your food

Growing your food reduces canned food which after use people tend to dispose of them inappropriately. Additionally, growing food increases the number of plants which refines the atmospheric air by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.

Turn off your devices

Turning off devices reduces the aspect of energy use. If you don’t use your devices sparingly, it will wear out fast and if not properly disposed of it will be harmful to the environment since metals are non-biodegradable.

Observe sanitation

Being clean is one of the ways of protecting the environment. Once we practice hygiene, we will be reducing the number of contaminants that finds its way into the atmosphere.

Participate in Environmental campaigns

These campaigns are one of the platforms that are fundamental in creating awareness. Many people are unaware of the importance of the environment hence they contribute to contaminating it.

Say no to plastics

Research has shown that plastics are one of the most commonly used products. However, they are non-biodegradable which cause land pollution making the soil toxic. Additionally, burning of plastic materials produces highly poisonous and toxic gases which cause infections.

Use alternative sources of energy

Petroleum and coal are one of the most commonly used sources of energy which are the most significant contributors to pollution. Therefore, it is vital to turn into using alternative sources of energy like solar energy, wind, and geothermal energy.

Reduce pollution

Pollution is one of the factors that cause degradation in the environment. All the forms of pollution affect the environment. We should not engage in activities that lead to pollution.

Install the grey-water system

A grey-water system reuses water from washing machines and sinks and diverts it to the farm or gardens where you can use it for irrigation.

Avoid use of pesticides

Pesticides are poisonous when they enter the environment. They will contaminate groundwater and soil.

Avoid use of aerosol sprays

These sprays contribute to air pollution which is harmful to the environment


Protecting the environment is our collective responsibility. Let us all actively participate and do what you can to save the environment.

By IsaacV