Importance of Computer in Education – Essay

Why are computers essential for education? Computers have revolutionized learning process in all learning institutions. Its use is manifold. Most educators have positively admitted that computers have made learning and more effective. They facilitate education making it easier for the teacher to teach and for the students to students to learn. Teachers use audio-video aids to prepare lesson plans.

Importance of computer in education

Let us know look at importance facets of the critical roles of a computer in school.

Helps in delivering clear instructions to students

It is effective instructing the students using word documents, power point slides, hyperlinks and web pages for better concept clarity.

Improves pronunciation

Pronunciation of syllables can be enhanced by using a computer. Students can use microphones, speakers and headphones which are supported by special designed software for that purpose. Eventually, student’s language will improve thus improving the overall performance.

It is a source of information

Students can use computers to surf in the internet when doing their research and gather relevant information.

Keeping records

Computer provides a reliable storage of data. This includes: examination records of students, fee collection, leave records, attendance and admission records. These information will be easy for retrieval.

Managing institution finance

For proper running of learning institutions, it is vital to managing finances well. The money will be used to by student stationery among other learning materials. Computer will be useful for doing this particular task.

Preparation of school blogs

Some students are talented in writing articles and poems. Computer accommodates them by giving them an opportunity to design school magazines hence propagating wholesome learning.

Accuracy of teaching materials

Computer has application software that provides grammar and spelling checkers. Students will improve on the spelling of various words as they gradually perfect on spelling.

Better presentation of information

They use of audio-visual aids, and application software like Microsoft power point are essential in the display of information. Students will get to understand the concepts better.

Enhance communication

Computers ensure there is a faster transmission of data. Communication between teachers, students and parents will be improved thus effective teaching and learning process. Parents will be in a position to know students’ progress in school.

Enhances use of library

Many schools have a library and the use of computer will be necessary for management. Search systems can also be made available to users by setting school computer terminal. This will minimize books theft and facilitate learning through easy retrieval of relevant books and other resources like e-books.

Vital for student assessments

Developing appropriate tests for students have been a challenge to teachers. There are systems that can store test questions. It will be possible to choose a variety of topical questions. Teachers will be able to understand their students well thus improving learning.

It is a field of study area

Computer science is one lucrative courses that requires comprehensive work on computer programming, architecture, operations and applications.

Source of entertainment

Computer can provide entertainment to students by watching movies and listening to music. This will help to invent academic stress which is essential for mental health thus enhancing learning.

Necessary for planning

Timetabling is one of the crucial elements when it comes to education. Computer, therefore, will be a useful resource to teachers for proper preparation for a good learning process.

Vital for computer literacy among students

The computer has been a conventional device that has been incorporated in life. For a student to be complete in this competitive world, he must understand the basics of the computer because almost every service is computerized.


The computer plays an essential role in student career development and overall education. Therefore, all learning institutions should embrace it and enjoy its benefits and provide quality learning to the students.

By IsaacV