Importance of Mass Media – Essay

Mass media refers to the means used to relay information to the general public. The means that the majority of the public uses media to get information and news include radio, computer, and television. Mass media, therefore, entails all the devices and the associated technology used to pass across information designed for a mass audience. The communication can be spoken, written or even broadcast. Other common platforms are newspaper, magazines and the internet.

Mass media is a substantial force in the contemporary culture; it creates and reflects the culture. Communities and individuals are continually bombarded with messages from different sources. The messages market products as well as attitudes, moods and a sense of right and wrong. Mass media perpetuate the concept of celebrity; magazines, movies, and news media reach out to thousands of miles making certain individuals famous. Mass media has evolved over time, from the newspaper to radio then televisions and finally the internet.

Importance of mass media

  • Educate people on issues touching on the world outside their locale boundaries besides informing them about the world in general and its surroundings.
  • Serve as a vital accountability mechanism as it acts as a watchdog of the society. Mass media exposes social and political issues thus enabling people to hold the perpetrators accountable.
  • The media shapes and encourage cultural diversity. Different cultural practices are broadcast on various mass media channels enabling the populace to appreciate and value them.
  • Forms and influences people’s behaviors and attitudes. Experts hold discussion forums on television during which they educate the public on the right behaviors and attitudes.
  • Broaden community knowledge on issues like advances in technology, the introduction of modern effective means of solving societal problems and much more.
  • Help people receive the latest news in the shortest time possible. The media update people on a real-time basis even on the occurrences that take place around the world.
  • Help people from different parts of the world to understand and appreciate each other. Consequently, people embrace their differences thus minimizing conflicts.
  • Accord people an avenue through which they can showcase their talents. Such talents include acting, comedy, and singing.
  • Increase and diversify ways of improving and shaping children knowledge. From quiz programs to animal programs aired on different multimedia channels children are spoiled for choice.
  • Provide a means to market consumer products which, in turn, increase sales of the product leading to more profits for the business.
  • Serve as a compelling source of entertainment. People are entertained through music, stand up comedy and other captivating television and radio programs.
  • Facilitate electronic duplication of content and as such reduces production costs making mass education not only possible but also affordable.
  • Diffuse different cultures. By showcasing different cultural practices mass media allow the transfer of positive values from one culture to another.
  • Spread artistic masterpieces. On the internet, people have access to the world’s artistic masterpieces and hence are able to learn how to replicate the same for their own benefits.
  • Keep people connected. When disasters strike people are informed on every development within moments. Authorities can, therefore, mobilize to provide help.


Mass media play a crucial role in educating people, exposing societal evils and keeping people updated on the latest happenings on different parts of the world. If any individual feels they are talented in a particular act, they can easily record themselves and take their works to media stations for countrywide exposure. Life has become much easier and enjoyable thanks for the many benefits of different multimedia channels.

By: Joni Kim