Importance of parents in our life – Essay

The traditional meaning of parents (one’s father and mother) has over time transformed to include many other persons who participate in raising an individual. A parent, therefore, refers to someone who not only brings up but also cares for another. So, being a parent does not essentially mean you biologically passed your genetics to the person in question. A parent can take any of the many unique forms that include a step-parent, legal guardian, grandparent or a combination of any of these varieties.

Irrespective of the exact form, a parent’s role is to raise children to be the best adults that they can be. The responsibility is, thus, very huge and calls for patience, understanding, and love. If you are planning to become a parent in the near future, make sure you are ready to not only take care of the child, provide and protect them but also love him or her

Importance of parents in our life

  • Provider; parents provide food, clothing, and shelter to us when we are still dependent on them.
  • Child’s development; parents play a vital role in our growth and development when growing up by providing all the necessities.
  • Protection; they protect us from any danger by sleeping with us (when growing up) and hiring security personnel to guard the compound.
  • Educate children; parents do virtually everything to ensure we are not only educated but also well respected in society.
  • Guidance; parents direct us during the troublesome adolescence stage; the most tensioned state with a huge bearing on our life
  • A shoulder to lean on; when we do wrong they reprimand us but during tough times they support us.
  • Decision making; parents come in handy when we are confused in life. They help us make an important decision in life.
  • Wish us well; they are happy when we are happy. They even buy us expensive gadgets even when they are using cheap ones.
  • Financial support; whenever we run short of money, we know who to turn to. Our mother or father is always ready to help.
  • Moral support; our moms and dads do not hesitate from giving us moral support in the event of failure.
  • Family support; our families (which is instrumental in all our other relationships) start with our parents.
  • Unconditional love; parents love us unconditionally regardless of our weaknesses, value or status in society.
  • Instrumental in our success; by teaching us the value of discipline and relationships, parents contribute to our success.
  • Homework; while growing up parents helped us with our homework. They know our weaknesses and are ready to chip in.
  • Role model; dads are role models to boys while girls follow the example that their mothers set for them.
  • Confidant; with our best interests at heart parents are best positioned to provide sound advice and confide in.
  • Care; they take good care of us both emotionally and physically, occasionally even putting our needs before theirs.
  • Pass down family information; how else would we know who our relatives are and basically our identity?
  • Build our confidence; when our parents use positive words when addressing us, we develop into self-confident persons.
  • Positive criticism; parents do not shy away from criticizing us with love when we go wrong or develop bad character


Parents’ role in our lives is irreplaceable regardless of our age or social standings. Having been with us since our birth, they know our weaknesses and are ready to offer guidance for our benefits. They are the only persons who will stand by our side during tough times. So, give your parents the respect they deserve and listen to any guidance they give you. You have no justification to disrepute or even mistreat your parents. They have sacrificed a lot for you and it is only fair that you return the favor.

By: Joni Kim