Importance of Physical Fitness – Essay

Physical Fitness is the ability our body processes to effectively work together so as to enable us to be healthy and carry out activities of our day-to-day living.

The term efficient refers to using the least efforts to perform daily activities. Someone who is physically fit is able to meet home responsibilities, carry out school work and still adequate energy to take part in sports among other leisure activities. A fit person also has enough energy to react to emergency occurrences.

Components of physical fitness include muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, and flexibility. The first is the amount of force your muscles can produce while cardiovascular endurance refers to the ability of your lungs and heart to work together to deliver the necessary oxygen needed to support your body during intensive workouts.
Muscular endurance refers to the ability of your muscles to continually perform without fatiguing. Flexibility denotes the ability of each of your joints to move through the entire range of motion available for the specific joint.

Importance of physical fitness

  • Physical health plays a major role in your daily life. It helps you achieve your personal goals and meet your daily energy demands.
  • Keeping fit is one of the things you can do so as to increase your lifespan.
  • People who are physically fit have less trouble sleeping. Good quality sleep helps people relax and replenish the energy expended during the day.
  • A physically fit individual make an active contribution to the wealth and wellbeing of the community as a whole.
  • Keeping fit as you age enables your body to replace worn out cells. The cells must be regenerated to enable your bodywork optimally and meet its energy demands.
  • Physically healthy individual reduce the burden on other family members and friends. They rarely fall sick and as such do not drain family resources.
  • Sound physical health means you have the necessary energy and willpower to go through the ups and downs that you face in life.
  • Physically fit individuals are reliable sources of labor not only to the nation but also to their families. The country needs such people to drive the nation’s agenda.
  • They take part in sports and other competitive activities thereby representing their countries in international events.
  • Physical health transacts sound and hence long-term relationships. When you are physically fit, you experience lower levels of stress and anxiety that tend to wreak havoc relationships.
  • Physical fitness prevents age-related decline in cognitive power. Sound physical health, therefore, enables you to remain sharp as you age.
  • Physically fit individuals have high self-esteem and hence project a positive image to potential employers and their fellow peers. Consequently, they are given roles and responsibilities.


While there are very many benefits of being physically fit many people still do not know how they can attain and maintain physical fitness. Start by incorporating a regular exercise program in your life. Finally, get enough rest and make an effort to sleep soundly every night and you will become mentally and physically fit.

By: Joni Kim