Importance of Social Media – Essay

Social media refers to websites and apps that enable people to participate in networking or create and share content, ideas, information or personal messages quickly, effectively and in real-time.

This form of communication started with computers but has lately transformed to a point they can be accessed via smartphones of tablets. The network gives users the ability to share opinions, photos, events, and the likes in real-time thus transforming the way people live.

Organizations have started using the media for marketing purposes while non-profit organizations use the same to reach out to the masses that remain logged to the sites round the clock. There are numeral social media sites in existence all of which differ widely in characteristics and purposes.

Importance of social media

  • Connectivity; the media connect people from different part of the world so as to share thoughts and learn.
  • Education; by bringing together people with different intellectual levels, the networks facilitate education.
  • Politics; the platform has a huge influence on political campaigns as it educates the masses on political issues.
  • Visibility of issues; the network increases the visibility of environmental, and ethical ills that would naturally remain
  • Help; are you facing a difficulty? Simply share it via the social media and let the thousands of users help you.
  • Updates; through these networks users update each other on the latest occurrences around the world.
  • Connect business to customers; businesses are now using the platforms to generate insights and talk to clients.
  • Recruitment process; human resource personnel are now using the networks to recruit and hire proficient workers
  • Promotion; both online and offline businesses can use the platform to promote their offerings to wider audiences.
  • Worthy causes; non-profit organizations use the network to promote noble causes and mobilize donations.
  • Training and development; job seekers are currently required to develop skills on modern social media strategies.
  • Personal relationships; it enables people in a relationship to communicate fast and efficiently whenever they are separated
  • Awareness; social networks create awareness of innovative ways of doing things thus enhancing personal lives.
  • Fights crime; the network helps security agencies and governments in their fight against criminal activities.
  • Expands boundaries; with more people now using social media, exposure to different cultures and practices extends social boundaries.
  • Support during crises; during disasters, social media can be the only viable platform for communication.
  • Boost business reputations; by using the network for publicity and marketing purposes business can improve its image.
  • Build communities; community members use the networks to discuss and learn about important topics.
  • Voice for the underprivileged; the media gives a true voice to individuals who cannot afford mainstream media.
  • Target brand engagements; the networks provide the most effective ways to engage with specific groups.


We all use social media today for personal communication, marketing, self-promotion and religiously. Regardless of how you specifically use the network, the benefits are many. The mere fact that you can reach millions and possibly billions of people without spending a fortune is in itself a big advantage. The best part about these platforms is that it costs absolutely nothing to join and use. So, go ahead, register in your preferred network and proceed to reach out to target people.

By: Joni Kim