Essay on Health is Wealth

Our health stays with us regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in. During bad times, our health enables us to bear with the difficult situation. Eating healthy, working out regularly and balance your work and personal life to improve your health. Besides, health is necessary for generating wealth. So, in addition to making sure you have a sound health teach your children to uphold good health and shun unhealthy habits from an early age.

Meaning of ‘Health is Wealth’

Health is wealth because if you do not have good health you cannot work productively and as such you minimal chances and opportunities to earn and make money. To generate the income you have to work effectively, something that may not be possible if you are either ill or incompetent to do a meaningful physical activity. Staying healthy is a necessity if you must prosper in life. Little money is never enough when your health is deteriorating. To maintain good health you need to exercise on a regular basis, eat a balanced diet, breath fresh air, drink clean water and get enough rest and sleep.

Importance of health

A healthy body and mind is a worthy investment. So, acting on this saying practically makes you subject to a wide range of benefits including reduction of medical bills, health insurance and increases your confidence. It also increases your productivity and competence enabling you to lead a contented life with utmost vehemence. If you desire to be a role model to your peers there is no better way than having good mental and physical health. The benefits, therefore, by far outnumber the small sacrifice you make exercising and eating healthy.

Tips to stay healthy

Eat balanced food

Avoid foods loaded with calories because they gradually destroy your health leading to excessive weight gain, high cholesterol levels, and heart diseases. Instead, eat seasonal fruits loaded with fibers, proteins, and vitamins. If you are currently eating excess junk foods, reduce gradually and eventually abandon them entirely.

Maintain personal hygiene

Use hand sanitizers when washing your hands. Take a bath regularly and brush and floss your teeth. Take all steps to limit germ exposure to minimize the chances of contracting diseases. Studies also show that personal hygiene boosts immunity which in turn enables your body to fight diseases.


Exercises are crucial; so, taking part in aerobics, walking or jogging increase blood circulation giving you enough energy to work. Exercising in the morning ensures you will not feel lazy in the course of the day. Instead, it regulates your heart rate and reliefs muscle tension leading to a stronger and healthier mind and body.

Get enough sleep

Get a minimum of eight hours of sleep. Enough sleep relaxes your mind, allows your body to rewind and keeps you healthy. Your body and mind require rest and sleep to recharge. If you are having a hard time focusing at work you don’t get enough sleep at night.


Good health is paramount. Undertaking healthy habits and practices in an effort to improve your body and mental health enables you to lead a fulfilling lifestyle. So, endeavor to consume diets rich in fiber, proteins, and vitamins to sustain your wellbeing and keep your body fueled for life challenges. Avoid at all costs fried and junk foods and instead consume meals with minimal fats and cholesterols. Also, exercise regularly and you will understand why health is wealth.

By: Joni Kim