Importance of Health and Hygiene – Essay

Good Health refers to a disease-free mind and body. Hygiene refers to practices and conditions that help uphold health and avert the spread of illnesses. Personal hygiene habits like brushing your teeth, washing your hands and bathing keep viruses, bacteria, and diseases at bay. It also reduces body odor. When you bathe you wash off sweat and dirt that has gathered on your hair and skin. Cleanliness also has physical and mental benefits; it makes you feel great about yourself, a crucial factor for mental health.

Basic personal hygiene practices

  • Bathe regularly; wash your hair and body often. Your body is continually  shading skin and the skin needs to be removed lest it cakes up and causes diseases.
  • Trim your nails; keep your toenails and fingernails trimmed and shape to prevent issues like infected nail beds and hangnails.
  • Brush and floss; brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss on a daily basis. Doing so minimizes the accumulation of harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Importance of health and hygiene

  • Washing your hands regularly prevents the spread of diseases. So, always wash your hands after visiting the restroom and before handling foods and you will keep illnesses at bay.
  • Health and hygiene give you good body image. Body image, in turn, influences self-respect, confidence, and motivation.
  • Poor hygiene results in poor health. If you have a cut, cleaning, and dressing appropriately the wound reduces the risk of infection.
  • Health and cleanliness have social benefits. A human being is a social animal. So, to increase acceptance in the society, you need to maintain personal hygiene.
  • Hygiene and health in the workplace make you feel energetic. You will then be able to carry out any task assigned to you without forcing yourself excessively.
  • For children, health and hygiene are vital for optimum growth and development. The emergence of disease hygiene ensures that children take part in field activities and concentrate in school.
  • Personal hygiene practices like brushing your teeth and flossing give you a very attractive smile. It also reduces the risk of gum diseases, eradicates bad breath, and possible tooth loss.
  • Health and hygiene reduce health care costs since it reduces the occurrences of sicknesses. Maintaining hygiene practices eliminate unnecessary visits to the physician.
  • Washing and brushing your hair often prevents dandruff among other scalp diseases. Dandruff deposit white skin flakes on your dark clothing potentially ruining your presentation.
  • Health and hygiene reduce new-world diseases. Illnesses like swine flu and bird flu occur when people fail to maintain good hygiene practices.
  • Good hygiene increases your likelihood of appealing to a potential partner.
  • As a parent, maintaining health and good health and hygiene helps you set an example for your children. Your kids are more likely to follow what you do as opposed to what you say.
  • Professional acceptance is yet another benefit. Employers prefer well-groomed and clean employees. Health and hygiene can give you a competitive edge.
  • Health and hygiene help you portray a positive image. If you deal directly with customers, investors or even suppliers, the positive image will help you create the right impression for your organization.


Health and hygiene entail taking care of all aspects of our body, from taking a bath regularly to trimming your nails. It is important in preventing diseases and increasing social acceptance. So, teach your children basic hygiene practices from an early age. Reinforce your lessons with
practical lessons and by being a role model.

By: Joni Kim