Importance of Literacy and Education – Essay

Education refers to the acquisition of skills, knowledge, values, habits, and belief.

Literacy, on the other hand, is the ability willingness and confidence to engage with language so as to acquire, construct and pass across meaning in every aspect of day-to-day living.

Language, a key term in both literacy and education, is a culturally and socially constructed means of communication. Literacy and education are connected to everything we engage in and the connection both in social practices and situations are crucial in the development of important skills in children.

Literacy has evolved into more than just the ability to read and write; it entails being electronically, intellectually and electronically capable. In a workplace it implies being competent in many computer programs, know how to conduct research and even solve complex issues or multitasking. It has even evolved to include proficiency to navigate the internet with the aim of making sound health care related decisions.

Importance of literacy and education

  1. Literacy and education play a crucial role in an individual’s personal growth and development. To progress in your career you must acquire the necessary literacy skills.
  2. Literacy helps people to communicate effectively through the various means of communication that include text, emails, cell phone facsimile and many more.
  3. Education and literacy enable people to improve their quality of life. With the right literacy skills, you can land on a well-paying job and earn a decent income.
  4. Education gives an individual the confidence to express their views and opinions. People take educated people seriously.
  5. Literacy and education facilitate the development of the entire community. The positive effects of education are noticeable in the larger social and economic benefits at the community level.
  6. Education develops in people a positive perspective of looking at life. It helps them build opinions and have a better perspective of everything in life.
  7. Literacy lowers infant mortality rates as it directly affects a person’s health and wellbeing. Uneducated and illiterate people are more vulnerable to various health problems.
  8. It empowers women and girls. Eradicating illiteracy and improving self-respect enable women to become independent and economically more productive.
  9. Impacts economic growth way beyond the local community. The productivity of an educated workforce flourishes at national level improving the country’s economic strength.
  10. Facilitates the conversion of information into knowledge. It enables people to interpret not only lessons available in books but also lessons in life as a whole.
  11. Education gives individuals the necessary tools to utilize technology effectively. Technology is increasingly becoming important as life shifts towards the digital realm.
  12. Prepares people for the future. With inventions and innovations, life is continually adopting different mechanisms that require high literacy skills to cope up with.
  13. Education equips people with the necessary skills and tools to not only think logically but also reason both for themselves and for other members of the community.
  14. Knowledge gain. Education helps people understand the world around them and helps them find ways to improve it into something better.
  15. Education and literacy make the world a more peaceful place. It helps us to clearly distinguish between right and wrong and encourage us to be morally upright.


Literacy and education play a crucial role in the life of an individual. Besides helping them communicate effectively, utilize technology appropriately, and acquire a job, the skills help them understand the difference between right and wrong. The understanding goes a long way in creating a peaceful and hence safer society.

By: Joni Kim