Essay on Hard Work – Meaning and Importance

Hard work is what you exert physically and mentally as you carry on with your activities. You tend to work extremely hard for something you believe in; something you have thought through and planned for.

The end goal of every activity we focus on is to attain success, well-being, and happiness. Hard work should, therefore, be the basis of everything you believe is worthwhile in your life. So, to someone who desires to control their destiny working hard is crucial.


Work is applying your ability while hard work is doing so with purpose, focus, and intensity as you completely exclude other possibilities. It refers to working vigorously and intelligently at any task at hand so as to complete it with optimum efficiency. So, how do you know if you are working hard? If you go to work every day and give your whole while working before coming back home and giving your family maximum attention and love. People who work very hard try their best to complete any task they decide to do with maximum effort as they maintain a positive attitude.

Why do people work hard?

We all have two choices in life; to accept what life naturally brings your way or to be masters of our life by setting goals and taking steps to attain them. We fluctuate between these divides all the time, at one time moving with the masses and at other taking huge strides to achieve positive outcomes. So, which direction would you like to chiefly lean? Your answer to this question determines whether you should work hard or not. If you are the type of person who prefers to take charge and decide the course their lives should take, work very hard.

Importance of working hard

Make the most of your time

Each day brings with it a crucial decision; you either fill it with constructive activities or you allow it to pass away. Since the hours will pass anyway, choosing to work hard enables you to make the most of each day.

Keep your life occupied

Leading an unoccupied life is akin to inviting disasters. So, always fill your time with activities that add value to your life and those of others. This way, you will keep at bay selfish and ill-advised decisions that typically characterize idleness.

Set example for your kids

When you strive to do your best in everything you do your kids take notice. Given the importance of hard work in career development and progress of an individual, this is one of the most important values you would wish to pass to your children. It allows you to teach your children the importance of working hard on tasks that matter.

Personal development

Work presents challenges and opportunities to grow. However, given the stiff competition in workplaces, you need to work extra hard to outshine your colleagues and stand a chance of landing on a promotion. Hard work will enable you to continually improve, develop and become a better person. The more you work harder the better you become both at a personal level and at work.


Hard work is vital for taking charge of your life and meeting your personal goals. If you remain lazy and minimalist you become prone to making wrong self-centered decisions. So, work hard on a daily basis, encourage your children to follow suit and take up positively life and work related challenges. Set realistic goals and work hard to achieve them. Once you train yourself to work till you achieve your objectives anything will be possible in life.

By: Joni Kim