Essay on ‘Qualities of an Ideal Teacher’

A great teacher inspires hope, activates imagination and instills a desire to learn. He or she is, therefore a divine blessing not only to the students but also to the entire society. Consequently, students respects remembers and adores them forever. Considering teachers have a long-lasting role in the lives of the students they teach, possessing the greatest techniques to go a long way in motivating students towards greatness. So, what makes a teacher ideal? He or she devotes their entire heart and soul to instructing and career building of his students. They also exercise due diligence to ensure they acquire noble attributes of a human being.

An ideal teacher, to students, is a philosopher, friend, and guide who is readily available for any assistance. Besides going through the necessary qualification and possessing the required qualification, his or her counsel, comments and directions are always constructive. They, therefore, shape the lives of students in totality.

Qualities of an ideal teacher

  • A perfect teacher is extremely engaging and as such captures the attention of all students during discussions.
  • He or she establishes vivid objectives of every lesson and endeavors to meet the same during each class.
  • A perfect teacher is flexible meaning he or she is susceptible to modification or adaptation. He can sense the mood of the student and adjust accordingly.
  • They have effective discipline skills. They are, therefore, encourage positive behaviors and positive change in class.
  • He has good classroom management skills which enable him to ensure good student behavior and effective study.
  • They are precise and clear in not written and oral expressions while teaching. He uses gestures rightly.
  • A great teacher is patient. Patience is expressed by persevering and diligent attitudes. These attitudes are crucial for progress in student learning be achieved.
  • A great teacher openly communicates with parents keeping them informed on the academic progress of their children.
  • Since they have very high expectations on their students, perfect teachers encourage everyone to explore their potential.
  • A great teacher is self-confident. To them, teaching is a prestigious and they do not shy from displaying in their facial expression.
  • An ideal teacher is frank and hence is willing to share happiness about his life when demonstrating a point.
  • He or she has a broad understanding of the curriculum, as well as other standards teachers, are required to uphold in class.
  • An ideal teacher has a remarkable knowledge of the subject matter he or she teaches. They hence answer questions satisfactorily.
  • They are good role models to their students and make a positive impact in their lives both in class and when out of class.
  • He competently relates theory to practice. Even for concepts that students are supposed to carry out an exercise the teacher easily
    interrelates practice in theory.
  • He or she is passionate not only about teaching but also working with children. They find a passion for making an impact in students’
  • They develop a sound rapport with pupils thus earning trust. The resulting strong relationship facilitates learning.
  • An ideal teacher maintains personal hygiene besides being well groomed. He is always clean, neat and dresses smartly.
  • He is also disciplined and cooperative with colleagues and respects his seniors.


Great teachers leave a lasting impression on the lives of students, community members and parents. Everyone wants to associate with them and no one speaks negatively about them. Would like to be an ideal teacher so as to enjoy all these benefits? It is very simple; make an effort to master the subject matter, be honest with your students and with all education stakeholders. Nurture positive attributes gradually and before long you will be the envy of everyone in the institution.

By: Joni Kim