Essay on Health and Fitness

Physical activity and regular exercise, regardless of what you do, results in good health and well-being. Exercising burns fats lower cholesterol levels, builds muscle, reduces stress and anxiety and promotes good sleep. That is why health and fitness go hand in hand. Considering the current quick fix culture it is crucial to remember that incorporating workouts in your daily routine can greatly transform your health. So, if you want to have more energy, add years to your life or to just feel much better, simply eat healthy foods and start a fitness regime that best suits you.

Meaning of Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is a state of well-being characterized by the ability to thoroughly perform sports, personal and occupational activities. It refers to the ability to carry out the vicissitudes and demands of life with a lot of ease, and with some surplus energy available for unexpected or emergency situations. Note that physical fitness does not merely relate to the physical body; it also relates to emotional and mental strength as well as how the same help you cope with the challenges life brings your way. This state of health is achieved through appropriate nutrition, a broad range of physical;
activity and adequate rest.

Basic Principles of Health and Fitness

Do Something Active on a daily basis

You do not have to put in excessive efforts; just use your body actively on a daily basis whether in a fast-paced walk, an hour in the gardens or even a hike. Research on health and fitness show that half an hour of moderate daily physical activity has many health benefits.

Avoid overeating

Keep your calories intake in balance with the rate at which calories are burned in your body. Overeating leads to obesity, a condition that poses one of the greatest health threats. Obese people have a hard time working out, maintaining an active lifestyle and meeting daily energy demands.

Stay engaged at all times

Involve yourself in activities you find useful and groups that you care about so as to increase your quality of life. Having a strong sense of purpose, a reason to wake up and work hard every day leads to good health. Robust social interactions are critical for physical and mental health.


Controls weight

One obvious benefit of health and fitness is the prevention of excessive weight gain. When you take part in physical activity, your body burn calories; the more vigorous the activity the more the calories your body burns. Even if you can’t find enough time to exercise daily, make sure you are active throughout the day.

Combats health conditions

If you want to keep heart diseases and high blood pressure at bay being active regardless of your current weight enhances good cholesterol and lowers unhealthy triglycerides. Both of these outcomes boost your blood circulation thus decreasing risks of cardiovascular conditions.

Improves sleep

Do you struggle to catch a sleep? Regular physical activity besides helping you fall asleep deepens your sleep. Just avoid exercising late in the evenings (near bedtimes) lest you become too energetic to fall asleep.


Health and fitness boost your health, makes you feel better and have fun. No one has an excuse not to take part in a physical activity; even someone who is very busy can remain actively engaged through the day and reap the many benefits of physical fitness. Otherwise, start with short, moderate activities and increase as your body adapts to the exercise. With time, you will be able to ramp up your fitness effort to meet specific health goals.

By: Joni Kim