Importance of Girl Child Education – Essay

Updated on May 5th, 2020.

Importance of Girl Child Education – Essay 1

Girl child education refers to all aspects of education aimed at developing the competence, skills, and knowledge of girl child and women. It includes the general education at schools, colleges, professional education, vocational and technical education, and health education. Education of women encompasses literary and non-literary education. Since girl child education has the potential to bring about socio-economic changes, democratic countries have enacted laws that guarantee equal rights to men and women.

Primary education is paramount to both genders; protecting the rights of a girl child ensures the sustainability of the entire society.

Considering the importance of education in modern society both government and non-government organizations must take active roles to strengthen girl child education. Studies show that it played a major role in the advancement of western countries.
Consequently, countries aspiring to transform their status are best advised to give priority to the education of women.

The Importance of Girl Child Education is summarized below:

  • Reduce child marriages; when girls remain in school beyond primary they avoid the economic danger of marrying early.
  • Economic empowerment; girls who have extra years of education earn more as an adult.
  • Promotes education; Educated mothers are more likely to send their children to school than the uneducated ones.
  • Increase productivity; educated girls are productive and as such reduce the burden on the society.
  • Improves the economy of the entire society; educated women take part in economic activities to earn income.
  • Increase literacy; offering all children education will increase literacy levels in the entire world by a huge margin.
  • Political representation; educating women will go a long way in increasing their political involvement.
  • Increases GDP; Gross Domestic product increases when both boys and girls are sufficiently educated.
  • Poverty eradication; girl child education empowers women to participate in economic and business activities.
  • Improved life; educated women can fight for their rights leading to a general improvement in living standards.
  • Gives women dignity and power; educated women are sources of inspiration and hence are esteemed.
  • Brings diversity; educated girls are able to make a unique contribution to the development of the nation.
  • Solutions to female problems; educated women are best positioned to understand and intelligently offer solutions to issues relating to girls.


True to a proverb that says educating a boy is equivalent to educating one man but educating a girl is akin to educating the entire family, and nation, girl child education is paramount. An educated woman has massive strength, courage, knowledge, and potential. Such a lady generously passes down all these positive attributes to her children and the society at large. Solutions of our many societal problems lie in women education.

By: Joni Kim

Importance of Girl Education – Essay 2

Understanding the importance of girl education is vital. Unfortunately, some societies still consider educating a girl, a waste of time and money. Some parents even opt to marry their daughter off when they feel she has come of age. These societies need to understand that a girl’s education has a significant impact. The immediate beneficiary is the girl. However, society benefits more from an educated girl.

Advantages of educating a girl

There are various advantages associated with the education of a girl. The advantages are discussed below:

  • She is able to distinguish the right from the wrong

An educated girl will be able to determine the good from the bad. Education allows her to be able to think critically and learn if the decision about to be made is good or bad. She will not make decisions based on the face value of a situation but based on facts, logic, and proper introspection. Unfortunately, girls are often exposed to stressful situations. Without education, they will be at anyone’s mercy. The possibilities are there they might be exploited in various ways. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to exploit an educated girl as they are aware of their basic and legal rights.

  • Education is the basis of the value system

A child is born with a clean slate. Training helps a girl to develop a value system and principles. Some of the virtues develop through formal education while others depend on the teachings she receives informally. Whether the training is formal or informal, the virtues instilled in the girl child from an early age will remain with her for the rest of her life.

  • Education directs her to a career path of her choice

Without knowledge, a girl would not know if she wants to be a teacher, nurse, doctor or corporate executive. She would not know if she has what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Education gives girls the opportunity to spread their wings and become successful women. They, in turn, gain financial freedom, lead their life with dignity, and contribute meaningfully towards the betterment of society.

  • Reduction of infant mortality

The health of a child is determined mostly with how a woman takes care of herself during pregnancy. A woman plays a significant role in the care and upbringing of children. Without education, she will not be prepared to take care of herself and her child.

  • Improved health

An educated girl will know the importance of proper nutrition. She will know how to take care of herself and her family. She will help nurture the future generation to be healthy and appreciate the value of proper feeding.

  • General Etiquette

An educated girl learns how to behave socially, professionally and in the presence of elders. As she grows, these lessons become part of her. She will act as she was taught even after she completes school. With proper etiquette, she will be able to fit comfortably in any situation because she will know how to behave. This kind of training also guides her on the limits beyond which she shouldn’t cross when upset or disappointed. Self-control is a natural outcome from lessons on etiquette.


Education is the basic right that every girl is entitled to. Not a single girl should be deprived of education. Through education only, the girls can lead a decent life, negate adversities towards them. They will also be able to contribute towards the development of a nation vis-a-vis the whole world.

By Ranjan