Importance of Learning English – Essay

English is currently the International language used in education, business, science, diplomacy, and tourism. It is the official language in more than fifty countries and is spoken by over 400 million people.

Consequently, learning English increases your chances of landing on your dream job either within your country or abroad. So, what are some of the ways you can use to learn the language? You can enroll on the many institutes offering English as a second language join online classes or hire an expatriate to teach you at a personal level.

A skilled English speaker will equip you with skills on how to read and write fluently and finally take a TOEFL test to demonstrate your mastery of the language. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a globally accepted test that measures one’s ability to speak the English language as a non-native speaker. Below are benefits of learning English.

Importance of learning English

  • International communication; learning English will enable you to communicate with the hundreds of millions of people speaking the language.
  • Increase entertainment avenue; many top world films, music and books are published in English and learning English enables you to utilize them.
  • Increases internet use; English is the leading language used to publish and produce many internet contents.
  • Widens businesses; since cross-border business communication is in most cases conducted in English being fluent in it is crucial.
  • Boosts employment potential; English is the default alternative for the many forms of communication all over the world.
  • Enrich your travel; learning the language enables you to get the most out of your travel across the globe.
  • Increase educational opportunities; do you desire to access some of the most prestigious schools like Oxford? Learn English.
  • Improves intellectual power; bilingual (with English as a second language) brains have been scientifically shown to have improved focus and attention.
  • Widens your audience; the language enables you to communicate your innovative ideas to a broader audience.
  • Hones multitasking skills; by developing the skills to switch between your native language and English improves multitasking skills.
  • Increase problem-solving skills; learning English introduces you to new challenges that will provoke you to find ways of solving them.
  • Increase decision-making abilities; English has idioms and expressions that have different meanings and you have to think about the right for a given situation.
  • Increase digital literacy; learning English increases your ability in digital literacy.
  • Acquire new friends; it allows you to make friends from different countries thus increasing the chances of meeting new people.
  • Sets a base for learning other languages; it will be a lot easier to learn many other languages once you master English.
  • Cognitive flexibility; learning English develops areas of the brain responsible for adapt easily to new situations.


Regardless of the age at which you decide to learn English, the most effective way is to use engaging materials, qualified teachers, and to practice on a daily basis your newly acquired skills. Make use of four important skills; listening, reading, writing and speaking. While it requires some efforts and disciplines the reward is well worth the sacrifice. From increasing your chance of landing on a well-paying job to enriching your travel, the benefits are many.

By: Joni Kim