Importance of Student Life – Essay

Being a student involves a lot more than just attending lectures, studying and preparing for exams; it entails eating, interacting with others and having fun. This stage is considered golden because it marks the most crucial part of your life. Student life is a period of extreme joy and happiness. You mind at this time is free of cares and worries that characterize grownups. Your character is built explaining the reason the stage is sometimes referred to as an informative period.

As a student, you are advised to make the best out of your student life. Considering your main duty is to acquire knowledge and learn you should do all your studies and revisions at the right time, uphold punctuality and discipline. Always remember that if you must become successful in your career, you have to build your character on a sound foundation, the better part of which takes place in college.

Importance of student life

  • Networking; the networking potential of student life is massive; you meet professors, recruiters, and like-minded students, with a common interest.
  • Life-long friendships; many people form life-long relationships with fellow classmates which later on help them professionally.
  • Plenty of fun; this is the stage you enjoy the company of good entertaining students, teachers, and personalities.
  • New friends; you get the opportunity to make new friends, of your age, from different cultures and gender.
  • Learn great stuff; you get a chance to explore the world, learn new things some of which will shape your future career.
  • Self-discovery; you get to know who you really are in college. This way, you can change or improve your outlook.
  • Learn the importance of teamwork; group work and student discussions make you appreciate the value of teamwork.
  • Healthy competitions; through the many tests and examinations, you experience constructive competitions with your peers.
  • Hone skills; teachers put in place efforts to sharpen your skills and abilities thus bringing the best of you.
  • Differentiate the good from bad; the timely advices teachers give you at this stage enable you to differentiate bad from good.
  • Foundation for good character; you get the chance to lay a firm foundation on which you can build good character.
  • Exercises; the various games at the learning institutions enable you to develop exercise practices that benefit you in life.
  • Social manners; peers educate each other on socially acceptable mannerisms that are useful beyond college.
  • Life skills; learning institutions offer life skills that students use to gain acceptance in work and personal life.
  • Good companies; there are good clubs like Christian union that teach individuals the benefits of good morals.
  • Value of time; exams and tests teach students the importance of not wasting time. Every minute counts as a student and in life.
  • Sacrifice; during games, students are encouraged to give each other a chance to showcase their talents.
  • Discipline; college life is characterized by strict rules and regulations that teach students the importance of discipline.
  • Respect for authorities; students learn to respect teachers and people in authorities during their student life.


Student life is enjoyable yet short. So, make the best out of it. Use your time wisely and make sure you get the skills and hone the abilities that you need to. Avoid engaging in evil and unhealthy practices because they can determine the quality of life that you will lead later on. Always remember you should use the stage to lay solid foundation both for your
personal and career life.

By: Joni Kim