A visit to a fair – Short Paragraph

In India, essential festivals are marked by the organization of different fairs in villages. I got the opportunity to visit one such fair when I had gone to visit my maternal uncle in the village. He took cousin brothers and me to the fair in the evening.

  • The scene of the fair was very chaotic as the place was overcrowded.
  • Near the entrance, there were small shops selling handicraft items.
  • At the fair, they were many games for children, like shooting, ball throwing games, etc.
  • Hawkers were screaming at the top of their voice to try to sell their fast foods and sweets.
  • There was a constant announcement being made from the speaker informing about the activities, competitions and lost & found children and objects.
  • On the center stage a cultural dance being performed by ladies and girls of the village.
  • Adjacent to that, some men were getting ready for the wrestling competition which was the main attraction this annual fair.

Visiting the fair helped me understand the life of people in villages and how they celebrate their joy in between themselves.

By Saket