A visit to a Hill Station – Short Paragraph

Hill stations are my favorite destination for spending the vacations. Last summer during the winter break we visited Nainital. Nanital is located at a very high altitude and is extremely beautiful during winters.

  • We traveled to Nainital by train. The trip was fascinating especially as we started going up the mountain.
  • We could see snow-capped mountain peaks as small waterfalls in between the rocks.
  • As we reached the station, we first went to our lodge to put our bags. After resting for a while, we all went out for sight-seeing.
  • It was icy outside, so we were wearing warm woolen clothes. We went to a big garden where there was a small ice skating rink for children. My sister and I skated in the circle for some time before visiting the museum in the garden.
  • It was a butterfly museum containing samples of hundreds of types of butterflies.
  • In the night we sat near the bonfire and roasted marshmallows on sticks.

The pure and cold air on hill stations makes us feel fresh and energized. That’s why coming back makes me feel sad but still happy inside with the memories that we created.

By Saket