A visit to a zoo – Short Paragraph

A visit to a zoo is an exciting experience. During the spring vacation, I and my friends decide to go to a zoo. We traveled to the zoo by bus. There was a queue outside for purchasing the entry ticket. We bought our tickets from there and entered the zoo.

  • We walked on the narrow pathway that had water flowing on both sides. In the water, we could see tiny fishes swimming.
  • Ahead there were big cages built on the sides of the platform. These cages housed different animals and there was fencing around the enclosures so that no one goes too close to the animals or disturb them.
  • We saw many different animals like Kangaroos, elephants, stags, rhinoceros and chimpanzee, etc
  • On the other end there cages for birds also. I was fascinated to see so many colorful birds of different sizes.
  • At the other end, there was a large cage. As we went near it, we suddenly heard the roar of the lion. We were shocked by the sheer size and magnificence of the lion as it paced around in its cage.
  • After some time we came out and sat in the garden discussing this experience while eating the food that we had carried from home.

Although it is wrong to cage an animal for our entertainment, this trip helped me learn more about all the animals and birds and raised my interest in pursuing zoology.

By Saket