Eco friendly Diwali Celebration – Paragraph

Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals, especially for Hindus. The festivals was initially celebrated by lighting diyas which was later changed to bring crackers. The rise in air pollution is an open story in front of everyone as we all know that proper measures has to be taken to stop it.

Eco friendly Diwali is a way of celebrating this occasion by which we enjoy the true spirit of festive without causing any harm to nature.

Here is the way to celebrate Eco friendly Diwali:

  • Use traditional Diyas rather than the plastic ones: The older diyas are more environment friendly and are better options to celebrate this festival.
  • Don’t burst crackers: For those who think Diwali is incomplete without crackers, think twice before using them because they are the deadliest way to harm environment. Burst laughter rather than crackers.
  • Recycle your last year decoration: As it is a festival that comes every year, it is advisable to save your previous decoration rather than throwing, so that you can use it again next year.
  • Use colourful food grains to make rangoli: Rather than using chemical based colors, you can use colourful food grains, this way birds has also enjoy a nice meal later.
  • Avoid Plastic: Try to avoid plastic plates or any type of plastic as chances of air pollution is higher during this time.

By Revaa